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Ed Koch, Mayor Who Became a Symbol of NYC, Dies


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Almost entire Cuba fire department quits

CUBA, N.M. (AP) — Almost the entire volunteer firefighting department in Cuba has quit, raising concerns about protection for the small northern New Mexico town.

KOAT-TV reports that 18 of the town's 21 firefighters turned in their helmets Tuesday night.

Some firefighters told KOAT they quit because of a lack of support. They say the city has refused their requests for new equipment and EMT training.

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So we want a mayor...

It was an interesting piece in the Los Alamos Monitor on the machinations of the Charter Review Committee “that doesn’t want a mayor but would prefer a super county council chairman.”  This looks like a “weak mayor” form of government but would not subject the position to a vote of the people.  The mayor would be a strong council chair who would be chosen for us by the council.
This sounds a bit elitist and it may well be since the CRC consists of former council chairmen and longtime members of county boards and commissions. This type of position would be beholden to the council members and not directly to the electorate.

Charter committee doing more than putting lipstick on a pig

Reading about the latest deliberations of the Los Alamos Charter Review Committee is enough to make one's head spin. The dizziness and delirium ensues from this on again, off again discussion of whether Los Alamos needs a mayor.

For some reason, the reticent CRC just can't seem to pull the trigger on going whole hog with a mayor, so now it appears the committee has decided to put some lipstick on a pig instead. The latest direction for the CRC is not only baffling, but potentially dangerous for citizens--at least those who want the opportunity to elect a mayor themselves.

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Charter Review Committee will look at other possible modifications to the govt. structure

Charter subcommittee: No mayor for LA

By Kirsten Laskey

It appears the current structure of Los Alamos government will remain unchanged, at least for the foreseeable future.

After months of discussion and debate about transitioning to a mayor/council form of government, the Charter Review Structure of Government Subcommittee voted 8-1 Monday night to recommend that the Los Alamos County Council continue the charter discussions within the context of the current council/county administrator form with the potential for making some changes within that structure.

There was no clear indication when council will formally hear the recommendation.

Subcommittee member Skip Dunn was the sole opposition, voting by proxy since he could not attend the meeting.

Do you think Los Alamos should have a mayor?

Given the recent trials and tribulations involving Los Alamos County Council and the high turnover rate of the county administrator's post, do you think we should elect a mayor and hire a county manager?

What are your thoughts about creating salaried, fulltime county council positions?

Seven bosses are six too many...

There's a fundamental preternaturalness in the structure of Los Alamos County government that is arguably one of the major reasons why forward movement on a number of consequential initiatives seemingly becomes mired in the torpor that ensues ongoing changes in leadership.

Top 10 Reasons Why Los Alamos Needs a Mayor...

"To get something done a committee should consist of no more than three people, two of whom are absent" - Robert Copeland

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