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Mick Matuszak, right, stands with his daughter Anna Matuszak at Thursday’s Parks and Recreation meeting as Anna addresses the board about Hell’s Hole climbing area. The Matuszak’s lost their brother and son, Trevor Matuszak, a 19-year-old Los Alamos High School graduate, after he fell at the climbing area.
Group, county discuss Hell’s Hole closure

Local residents, climbing enthusiasts and Los Alamos County officials came to an agreement at a meeting Thursday that, after the tragic death of a local teen, an exit area of a popular case in White Rock should be blocked from public access.

The next step will be for a local cave explorers group, the Cave Grotto, and Los Alamos County Manager Harry Burgess to come back to the Parks and Recreation Board with a detailed proposal on how to block a safety hazard in Hell’s Hole.  

“The group that I visited with have offered their assistance in any potential construction if that be the desire going forward. I would support such a project because I think it would be of interest to the community,” Burgess said.

About 30 people attended the Parks and Recreation Board meeting Thursday to discuss the issue.

Two years ago, a White Rock teen, Trevor Matuszak, fell to his death after falling off a narrow path at White Rock Canyon. In the back of the cave, there is an exit that leads to the pathway. According to Burgess, explorers of the cave have told him that some people take that exit because they find it easier than climbing back to their original entrance.

Trevor Matuszak’s father Mick and his sister Anna attended the meeting to lend support to the project.

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