Phil Scherer
LAHS volleyball will begin its season on the road against Bloomfield Aug. 26 at 2 p.m. They will make their home debut Sept. 7.
Serving and spiking with a purpose

Sometimes it is difficult for a coach to know what kind of team they have until they step onto the court for the first time.

That is the case for Los Alamos High School volleyball coach Diana Stokes, who enters this season with more questions than answers when it comes to her team, and their competition.

For Stokes’ team, the season will be defined by the play of its young players. As the first week of practice winds down, she believes the players will be spread evenly among the class levels.

“I think we should have three seniors, four juniors and three sophomores,” Stokes said. “So we are going to be pretty young.”

While she looks at the positive of this spread as being able to build a strong program for the next few years, she is unsure how it will all come together this year.

“We are going to have a tough road, especially the first part of our season,” Stokes said.

The team will be tested early, with its second game of the year coming against St. Pius X, the defending state champions.

“I expect them to take state again,” Stokes said. “They should have all seniors this year. Last year, they won state with all juniors, so they could be even stronger this year.”



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