Phil Scherer
After swimming, runners had the option of either running the long course, which was three miles, or the short course, which was just under two miles. Kids could also run a course that was just over a mile.
Athletes take part in Splash N Dash

The Los Alamos Triatomics Multisport Club hosted its second Splash N Dash of the summer this week.

The event gives athletes from around the area a chance to test themselves on land and in the water.

Athletes of all ages and abilities came to the Splash N Dash, which began at the Larry R. Walkup Aquatic Center.

There were several different courses available to the competitors depending on their abilities.

Two people could also team up for a relay.

For the heartiest competitors, the course included a 400-yard swim followed by a three-mile run.

The shorter course included a 200-yard swim followed by a 1.9 mile run.

Young kids had the option of doing a 100-yard swim followed by a 1.3 mile run.

Competitors are informed of their finishing times, but there is no prize for winning.

Time is kept as a way of letting the racers keep track of their progress throughout the year, not for competition purposes.

There will be two more Splash N Dash events this summer, on July 5 and July 19, both of which will begin at the Aquatic Center.

Registration begins at 6:15 p.m.

In addition, the Triatomics host a time-trial race every Tuesday evening that the public is welcome to attend.



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