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The Atomic Man Duathlon is broken up into two sections of running, and one of biking. There are two courses available for competitors, the Fat Man and the Little Boy, of varying lengths and difficulty.
Triatomics prepare for Atomic Man Duathlon

The Los Alamos Triatomics Club will host its annual Atomic Man Duathlon Sunday, giving athletes from around the area a chance to test themselves on one of two courses.

Mike Engelhardt, the president of the Triatomics, described the event as a “multi-sport race,” consisting of a run, followed by a bike and then another run.

Because there is no swimming portion, it is considered a duathlon instead of a triathlon.

There will be two separate races going on during the event, the Fat Man Olympic Duathlon and the Little Boy Sprint Duathlon, named for their lengths.

The Fat Man will consist of a 5K run, followed by a 40K bike and finally a 10K run.

The Little Boy will consist of a 4K run, followed by a 12K bike and another 4K run.

The event will begin at Piñon Elementary. The Fat Man race will begin at 7 a.m., and the Little Boy race will begin at 8 a.m.

For each race, people can register as individuals or in two-person teams if they don’t want to do the entire race on their own.

Unlike other events that the Triatomics organize throughout the year, this is their one official race of the year.

Competitors will be timed, and medals will be awarded to the top finishers.



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