Another excellent alumnus of the Los Alamos Animal Shelter


New Mexico Random Dog
Piedra Drive, White Rock
We saw a note about Wrigley on the Friends of the Shelter Facebook page, and went to see him on a whim. He's settled right in and become a member of the family, despite the potential distractions of horses, chickens, cats and another dog.
Nothing fancy, just sit, down and "let me scratch your tummy" so far.
Coming to the barn to patrol the paddocks and see if the horses have any cookies to share.
Friends of the Shelter
Bones is ready for his forever friend.

Bones would love to come home with you. He hasn't known many people but you could be the one he needs in his life. Your love and patience will make Bones the playful puppy he knows he can be. He is black and white with big brown eyes, 4 months old and anxious to meet you.