Today's Opinions

  • Green energy carries a cost

    Dear Editor,

    Almost as if on cue, Al Gore chimed in the day after I sent my last letter with what seems to be a perfect example of unintended consequences. He wants the U.S. to replace all our electricity generating capacity with renewable “green” generation such as wind and solar in the next 10 years.

  • Our View: Skate park mess gets worse

    How many times have we stated that perception is reality? That is the problem we see with the council’s decision Tuesday night on the skate park.

    If there had been some kind of independent, impartial hearing officer or body that had rendered the exact same decision as the one the council did, we believe this issue would be over.

    But those who question the project – and the process – simply do not feel they got a fair hearing, that, it was not right to have the judgment made by those who made the judgment.

  • Tongue-tied with T. Boone

    There is this theory I have, that it is all in the name. Good looks and brains and a winning personality are just real handy, but a killer name opens the door of success.

  • Our View: Take advantage of tax-free weekend

    Regardless of your view, this is the time to go do your back-to-school shopping.

    Today through Sunday there will be no gross receipts taxes charged on many school items.

    And this is a great time to discover just how much of your school – and other – needs can be met right here at home.

    There are some restrictions on the back-to-school gross receipts tax holiday and you need to be aware of them.

  • Off and On: What makes a worthwhile life?

    Have been filled with thoughts of mortality lately. Part of this was brought about by the death recently of a friend in Georgia.

    Several things went through my head when I heard of his death. How short life is was one of them. And sadness over the fact that I let contact be lost and really did not communicate with a good man like I should have.

    Now I can’t, and that is sad.

    Then I thought of one’s life and how do you gauge it and its success?

  • American Forum: Railroading immigrants ... and the Constitution

    Federal immigration officials swept into Postville, Iowa, in May and detained nearly 400 workers at a kosher meat processing plant. Swiftly, local enforcement and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency arrested, charged with crimes, extracted pleas and sentenced 297 of these individuals by the end of the following week.

    Apparently, this shock-and-awe strategy was specially designed to drop the hammer on undocumented workers doing backbreaking jobs under reportedly sub-optimal conditions.

  • The future in a seed

    Dear Editor,

    In response to the excellent editorial “The Future in the Nutshell” by Roger Snodgrass, I would like to add the following. Of all human activities, agriculture uses the most labor (about 10 percent of 6.7 billion people worldwide), uses the most land (more than 4 billion acres) and uses the most fresh water (more than 70 percent of human consumption).

  • Must deal with treasonous behavior

    Dear Editor,

    We’re in a constitutional crisis with an imbalance of power that’s been usurped by the executive branch. This administration has flagrantly committed treacherous crimes against the Constitution that fit the profile of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” All options must be on the table to correct this treasonous behavior.

    DR Goff

    Jemez Pueblo