Today's Opinions

  • We must support our transit system

    High fuel prices are hurting everyone. People are cutting down on their driving, they are driving more carefully and they are taking the bus.

    Ridership on the buses to Santa Fe and Albuquerque are up and if you have been on one of the Atomic City buses you’d see a high ridership.

    In fact, many routes at many times have packed buses as people seek to get relief from the high price of gas.

  • But I digress: It's a strange world

    And getting stranger every day. Sometimes I find myself shaking my head in such disbelief that I risk injuring myself.

    For example, I recently read about one of the latest drug crazes in the “club circuit.” Men who go to these clubs like to tear their shirts off and show their rippling muscles to the women. Oh, you don’t have rippling muscles? No problem! Simply rub phenylephrine HCL over your entire torso and your skin will tighten up, enhancing what muscles you do have.

  • Skate park at the library NOT a crisis

    The negative publicity and widespread misinformation surrounding the new downtown skate park is unfortunate for many reasons, most importantly because it gives the appearance that this is a divisive issue for our community.

    The truth is that there is just a handful of vocal opponents to the skate park.

    They have managed to convince many of the residents of 2500 Central and Oppenheimer Place that a skate park downtown near the library would reduce their property values and threaten their way of life, and there is simply no basis for these fears.

  • Wood gas: A few apologia

    Dear Editor,

    Recently, I suggested to the readers of the Monitor and to the Los Alamos scientific community that we explore the virtues of wood gas as fuel for our automobiles. Here I would like to add a short apologia for the proposition.

  • Come to Tuesday's skate hearing

    Dear Editor,

    I am writing in opposition to building a skateboard park on the grounds of the Mesa Public Library. I was the library director when we did the planning and programming for the library building. County Council selected that site for the library because it fit in so nicely with the planned historic and cultural environment of the area. I feel a skateboard park on those premises is simply not appropriate to that environment.

  • Our View: CARE package sounds great

    Well, it’s Aug. 15. That’s the date the governor has set for his big push. And that push has gotten even bigger.

    At first, the plan was to call the Legislature back in September to get them to pass his health care reform measure – the one that died in the January session.

    Now his call includes a request for more highway funds and his much CARE package that is now the centerpiece of the upcoming special session.

  • Library site wrong in every way

    We have appealed the decision to put skateboarding on the front steps of Mesa Public Library (MPL). We make our case to the County Council (CC) at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Community Building. We are appealing because we have legal standing: We live within 100 yards of the property line. We are also appealing on behalf of many people who expressed their disapproval of this site via signing a petition, personal communication and letters to the editor.

  • Nah shpaleechky, nah Shpaleechky

    Dear Editor,