Today's Opinions

  • Our View: A job for the brave

    How many of you have taken part in the county’s budget hearings?

    Not many, judging by the crowds. And to be honest, other than our reporter covering the event, not many at the paper have either.

    It is hard to sit through these long sessions, filled with numbers, projections and suppositions.

    But it has to be done and it is one of the many reasons that those who are willing to serve us deserve some credit.

  • Los Alamos can foster peace

    Dear Editor,

    It is our national policy, “peace through strength.” We threaten the countries of the world with our nuclear bombs. 9/11 was a response to our bellicose threats. When the playing field is not level people wrap themselves in high explosives and airplanes.

  • Skate arguments give youth no credit

    Dear Editor,

    This whole skate park issue is getting way out of hand. The one thing that everyone seems to be ignoring in the letters of opposition is the very carefully veiled prejudice against young people in this town. It has to stop now.

  • I stand by my state

    Caller ID immediately identified the ring.

    “Might as well put the meatloaf on hold,” I nodded to my bride, who was laying out placemats, “it’s Barney from New Jersey.”

    Barney doesn’t call as often as he once did. It is just as well. He likes to gig me about what he perceives as New Mexico’s shortcomings, and it gives me indigestion.

  • Our View: Sharing a boat with the MVD

    Have you been to the Motor Vehicle Department lately? No?

    Neither has anybody else.

    When you go to the MVD, you don’t know whether the staff will have the answers to your assorted registration-related questions. You can’t say whether you’ll pass the vision test. As you set out on your journey to the department’s office on Central Avenue, you know only one thing for sure: You’ll have to wait your turn.

  • Survey's problem shows path forward

    My phone rang in its best business voice. The person asked if I would answer questions in an environmental survey hired by Company X. I said sure.

    The survey pertained to environmental sustainability. The term means a large-scale system that helps keep itself working well. This quest plays a big part in what follows.

    Who hired the survey doesn’t matter. With any name or none, the same story emerges.

    The first question brought out the usual snare that surveys have. That is, each answer had to fit into a set box.

  • YourBook: Help us help them

    Dear Editor,

    The Los Alamos Middle School yearbook staff is attempting to launch a new program aimed at providing deserving students with a yearbook. We are calling this the YourBook Program.

    The LAMS faculty and staff have identified worthy students who deserve a yearbook but simply cannot afford one. The program is designed to put yearbooks in the hands of good kids caught in a difficult situation.

  • Many object to skate park location

    Dear Editor,

    I don’t think many people in Los Alamos object to the idea of providing a skate park for young people, though one might wonder whether the $500,000 plus it will probably end up costing, once the hidden costs are added, is really the best use of our county funds right now. But there is indeed a serious issue with the proposed location in front of Mesa Public Library.

    Simply put, the county council has never provided the community as a whole with an adequate opportunity to provide input on the location.