Today's Opinions

  • Another good step forward

    We must take a moment to pause and give the lab some due when it is deserved. And it earned some big points Wednesday when it hosted the quarterly Community Leaders Breakfast.

    It is easy to point out when the lab fails or when it falls short. But if that is so, then the opposite should also be true.

    And it is so here as LANL Director Michael Anastasio should be given credit for opening the lab’s doors – if even just a little.

  • Governor unveils new education initiatives

    I must state up front that with many issues, I am generally not on the same side as the governor, but this time, I think he is right on.

    Recently, Gov. Richardson and Education Secretary Veronica Garcia announced six new statewide education initiatives.

    The plan, as stated by the governor, is to fulfill his pledge “to be New Mexico’s educational governor – giving our students, teachers and schools the opportunities and tools for success.”

  • An appeal to skateboarders

    Dear Editor,

    We feel that the main thing skateboarders (SBs) want is to skate board at an approved site as soon as they can – the sooner the better. On the other side of this problem are many citizens whose main goal is to protect and preserve the library site.

    We think the SBs interest in the library site is primarily because they perceive it as being the fastest path to their goal. But, that may not be the case. The P&Z decision to use the library site is being appealed; it may be the beginning of a very long process, especially if it goes to court.

  • Granting our enemies rights

    Dear Editor,

    The Supreme Court has expanded the very definition of who is an American by granting alien combatants rights under the most sacred of U.S. founding documents, the Constitution. Our highest court in the land has fundamentally changed the very meaning of “We the People” and this could have untold negative consequences for generations to come.

  • Bringing about the end of nature

    Dear Editor,

  • Guest Opinion: Bikers beneficial to forests

    June 1 was my first trip into the forest this year, and like most years, I spent it with a dozen other motorcyclists, clearing trails. The plan was to work in the North Jemez and see how many trails we could clear in a day. How far we would get was determined by how many trees the snow and wind felled during the winter.

  • Sierra Club: Break your routine this summer

    Have a great summer, Los Alamos! The Sierra Club would like to remind everyone to make time this summer to get outside and enjoy our community. Whether you take lunch at Ashley Pond, walk with family or friends on the fabulous trails in town or hike in Bandelier National Monument, be creative and break your routine.

  • We love our tree!

    Dear Editor,

    With no notice to anyone in the community, half of the huge willow tree at Pion Elementary has been chopped down, reportedly because its roots are getting into the sewer system. A local plumber has volunteered to help reroute the sewer lines if it will save the tree. The other half of the tree was scheduled to go Monday.

    Students, parents and alumni throughout the community planned a gathering to keep that from happening. Some were on site as early as 6 a.m. A petition is also being circulated throughout the Pion district to help save the rest of the tree.