Today's Opinions

  • Helping White Rock

    Last week, the county council met to discuss plans and proposals for White Rock.

    While that community needs assistance, care must be taken on just what is spent there. If the county thinks that just building buildings will bring in business, it does not understand economics.

    However, there is a word for us all to consider here, and it could really be the key to the White Rock discussion.

    And that word is Bandelier.

  • Superdelegates give no thought to people’s vote

    What ever happened to the will of the people?

    When did that go away?

    Well, it seems to have for New Mexico’s Democratic leaders as more and more of the state’s Democratic superdelegates are announcing support for Barack Obama’s presidential bid.

    Last time we looked, Hillary Clinton won the vote in the primary held here. What happened to that? How can the vote of the people be ignored so easily?

  • Off and On: Higher gas prices could mean more taxes

    State lawmakers are being warned that rising gasoline prices could aggravate financial problems confronting the state Department of Transportation and New Mexico’s highway system.

    The agency expects that as motorists cut back on their travel because of high gasoline prices, less money will flow to the state from New Mexico’s fuels taxes. Less fuel sold means less revenue to the state, based on per-gallon sold.

    And that is already happening.

  • White Rock deserves fair share

    Dear Editor,

  • County doesn't listen to citizens

    Dear Editor,

    Los Alamos and White Rock were busy towns when I first arrived in 1968. However, since my 1986 LAHS graduation, I’ve witnessed a steady loss of retail, and a deterioration of infrastructure and public buildings.

  • Provide food for local families

    Dear Editor,

    LA Cares is a nonprofit organization serving only Los Alamos County. Our primary purpose is to provide boxes of food to any resident or family who is in need. In the last two years, the number of boxes we are preparing monthly has increased substantially, hence the purpose of this letter.

  • Everyone deserves stage time

    Dear Editor,

    I would like to state that we do have a lot of terrific and talented teens in Los Alamos! It is a shame that Ms. Saunders did not think to make sure that all of our very enthusiastic students who tried out for “Little Shop of Horrors” were allowed to take part somewhere in the production.

  • Put away your sword, McCain

    Dear Editor,

    Those who say McCain didn’t really mean it when he said “I don’t think Americans are concerned if we’re there for 100 years,” should examine the record again. He has said repeatedly that American troops should be in Iraq for decades to come.