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  • Schools can learn from each other

    Dear Editor,

    In another amazing display of audacious opportunism, President Bush has discovered a way to pour another trillion dollars into the pockets of his corporate friends.

    In his first term Bush was able to turn the tragedy of 9/11 into a bonanza for his friends by initiating the war in Iraq. He panicked the Congress into authorizing the war, abandoning its constitutional prerogatives, and granting him unprecedented executive powers.

  • Be sure to vote

    Dear Editor,

    The U.S. presidential election is just over a month away. This election is particularly important. While canvassing during the last several weeks, I had many thought-provoking conversations about politics. I was saddened to hear some folks say that they did not plan to vote and weren’t sure if they were even registered. It seems clear that the month of October promises to be volatile for our nation because of Wall Street, housing prices, energy, etc. Perhaps some previously indifferent citizens might wish they could vote when Nov. 4 rolls around.

  • Internet can lead to incorrect data

    Dear Editor,

  • Election recommendations

    County council

    This is an important election year in Los Alamos. There are many important projects ahead of us and who we elect to the county council will help shape the future of our county for many years to come.

    There are five candidates seeking three seats on the council in open voting: Manual Baca, Vincent Chiravalle, Ken Milder, Sharon Stover and Mike Wismer are all seeking the seats now held by Jim Hall (who chose not to run), Fran Berting (term limited) and the incumbent Milder, seeking a second term.

  • Tax time is now a fluid deadline

    Was a bit troubled by the news out of the governor’s office, but you be the judge.

    See, he has hired more than 100 tax preparers who will be mobilized throughout the state this Wednesday to help New Mexicans file their 2007 state income tax return so they can get the recently passed fuel tax rebate.

    Gov. Richardson declared Oct. 8 New Mexico Tax Rebate Day as part of what he calls “an unprecedented outreach effort to ensure eligible New Mexicans receive their state tax rebate.”

  • U.S. election recommendations


    This year the Congressional elections are very important as we are electing a new Senator and three new Congressmen – including one from our own Third District.

    In the Third District, two newcomers and one long-time politician are seeking the post.

    Ben Ray Lujan is the Democratic candidate, Dan East won the Republican nod and Carol Miller is running as an independent.

    The Monitor is recommending voters go with Carol Miller.

  • McCain a dangerous maverick

    Dear Editor,

    Last week we witnessed a spirited and revealing debate between two of our presidential candidates. While there were many interesting and comment-worthy points and issues discussed, I was struck by one in particular, made by Sen. John McCain.

  • Obama must win election

    Dear Editor,

    I’ve been reading lately that the polls show McCain is leading Obama now that the conventions are over. I have confidence this will change as the election grinds to November. I believe this because the substance of the Republican platform is duplicity and deception that will become evident. For example. Republicans claim to be the party that supports the troops, with their ex-POW, flag lapel wearing candidates, but the reality is that in policy and action the opposite is true.