Today's Opinions

  • Off and On: Layoffs at nuke lab stir fears of a brain drain

    There was a very interesting story by the Associated Press out of California this past week.

    It dealt with fears of an irreplaceable loss of brain power as the result of layoffs at the nation’s top nuclear weapons design lab, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

    It seems the lab has laid off hundreds of workers, raising concerns about a brain drain.

    Because of budget cuts and higher costs, Lawrence Livermore laid off 440 employees May 22-23. Over the past two-plus years, attrition and layoffs have reduced the work force by about 1,800.

  • Our View: 28 percent: Something to brag about?

    Officials are boasting of a high primary election turnout. Statewide that translates to a whopping 28 percent.

    Yes, 28 percent of registered voters actually going and casting a vote is something to brag about.

    And this is of registered voters – many citizens don’t even bother to register.

    A total of 543,615 Democrats and 354,272 Republicans were registered to vote in Tuesday’s primary election. Of that, about 138,000 Democrats voted, while some 111,000 Republicans went to the polls.

  • LANL science can do good

    Dear Editor,

    The Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) staff must shuck the idea that its future lies only in making things useful only for killing.

    LANL scientists must discover and develop ideas and things, which will perpetuate humanity’s survival on this planet. Development of a long-term energy supply is crucial. There is only one really long-term energy source: the sun. There are many other scientific discoveries to be made and are yet undreamed.

    Do good. Do Good. DO GOOD.

    Edward B. Grothus

    Los Alamos

  • Any creature can become extinct

    Dear Editor,

    Species go extinct. That is the way of evolution. But species, like the dodo bird, have been disappearing at an accelerated rate in the last few centuries. What changed? We did.

    Humankind has spread across Planet Earth like a deadly disease. Many of our religions forbid us to limit our offspring. And we seem determined to foul our own nest.

  • Let's not let park alienate us

    Dear Editor,

    We must not let this skate park issue divide our community.

    First of all, let me clarify for those of you who think that anyone against the skate park located in front of the library is against the youth of our community. That is not true and not fair. The residents of 2500 Central are not speaking against having a skate park – just not in front of the library.

  • PEEC SPEAKS: Wildflower Notes – It's Penstemon time

    One of the most beautiful times of the flowering year is the height of bloom of One-sided Penstemon (Penstemon secundiflorus).

    A walk out Bayo Bench trail is a good way to see these “nature’s snapdragons.” There are several hundred plants along the trail, some nearly2 feet high with many stems and blooms. Other plants are only 7-9 inches tall with a single stem.

    Regardless, their color is nearly indescribable. Lavender is the closest I can come but it doesn’t do justice to the soft, subtle hues of the blooms.

  • Councilors need to act quickly

    Dear Editor,

    Since the P&Z decision to approve the site plan for the skate park located in front of Mesa Public Library has been appealed by some “affected residents,” the Los Alamos County Council must quickly put this matter to rest.

  • Is park multi-use or skate-only?

    Dear Editor,

    I have heard many arguments both in favor of and against the proposed “skate park.” Many citizens have voiced their opinions, some saying that the downtown area will be blighted by such a project, and others who have the desire to revitalize the downtown area. One major point seems to be getting lost in the furor.