Today's Opinions

  • Fried Light: Debt in the saddle rides mankind

    In case nobody noticed, the country has been run on a vast array of debt instruments for quite awhile now.

    It is our common concession to the imperfectability of humans that we can all have a little more than we deserve, a little sooner than we can afford it, perhaps even a lot more of what we could never, ever have afforded.

    National debt, consumer debt, credit card debt, savings and loan debt, hedge-fund debt, mortgages, home-improvement loans and industrial revenue bonds. What ever happened to layaway?

  • Politics: The other white meat

    Dear Editor,

    The other day, my doctor told me that I should be taking antibiotics for an ear infection. I immediately recognized his “hidden agenda” and yelled at him, “You’re just being medical! You’re only saying that for medical reasons! That’s your problem you know!” Well, now he thinks I need some other medication also.

  • Here we go again!

    Dear Editor,

    We had the civic center and the amphitheater in Overlook Park and the moving of the dump there to the unhappily titled “Convenience Center.”

    Once again, unhappiness comes to the fore in the question of the location of the skate park.

    Disgruntled folk who live nearby, the boards of the Library and Senior Center that will be proximate, and folks already grown cynical about the way the county leadership operates are unhappy once again.

  • Get into the excitement - and vote

    Dear Editor,

    With the excitement of the early Democratic presidential caucus behind New Mexican voters, many may not realize that the June 3 New Mexico primary election is fast approaching. There are still many things to be decided in both parties, including nominees for the Los Alamos County Council, and for the open House seat in the 3rd Congressional District.

  • Wiviott leads in 3rd District campaign spending

    The Associated Press recently released a report on campaign spending in the Third District.

    And the winner was Santa Fe developer Don Wiviott, who spent more than a  half-million dollars in three months on his quest for the 3rd District seat in Congress.

    And, according to a report filed Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission, he still had more than $400,000 in the bank as of the end of March.

  • Pearce, Wilson united on ... oil

    Tom Udall has to be feeling smug. He is the New Mexico version of John McCain. Tom is enjoying a leisurely and inexpensive stroll toward the Democratic nomination for United States senator.

    You have to believe the New Mexico congressman is taking great delight as he watches his Republican opponents rip one another to shreds. As is true on the national scene with Obama and Clinton, New Mexico’s Heather Wilson and Steve Pearce are digging deep into their pockets trying to make the other look inept.

  • DOE needs to clean up its waste

    Dear Editor,

    DOE needs to remember its requirement to clean up the environment before it creates more waste.

    The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club asks that all work and expenditure toward nuclear pit production at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) be halted until the DOE recommits itself and its funds to the nuclear cleanup of LANL on the schedule to which it had previously agreed.

  • Volunteers needed to support runners

    Dear Editor,