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  • Cancellations affect few students

    Dear Editor,

    I want to respond to the small part of my quote in the May 13 article about UNM-LA: “A student had three classes canceled.” That came after I said, “In reality, very few students are affected by class cancellations, but occasionally one or two students are impacted greatly.”

    The majority of the classes we cancel have zero enrollment, so no students are affected when we cancel these classes. Another large number of classes cancel with one to three students in them and only a handful of students are affected.

  • Math could help on Diamond

    Dear Editor,

  • County cannot enforce RV code

    Dear Editor,

    I liked your recent Sunday editorial. In addition to what you suggested I would like to see an RV storage area. The code on storing RVs cannot be enforced because the county does not have any place for people to park them.

    The one on North Mesa is full. The large RV spaces have not had a vacancy in at least four years. I called the two RV storage places listed in the yellow pages for Santa Fe and they are full. I was given the phone number for another place and they are full also, so the need is there.

  • Skate approval ignored citizens

    Dear Editor,

    Kudos to the members of P & Z and our county council who voted to ignore the will of most Los Alamos citizens. Those who voted for the skate board park location and construction have shown that they too can “stay the course” and ignore all reasoning.

    They proved the following:

    • It is better to recreate than to educate.

    • It is better to reward irresponsible behavior than to correct it.

  • OUR VIEW: Monday is for more than picnics

    Monday is Memorial Day. It is so much more than a day off from work to picnic with the family and kick-off the summer season. It carries even greater meaning during a time of war like we are experiencing right now.

    Over the past months a sizable number of American soldiers have died in service to their country. Memorial Day is a special day set aside for all of us to remember and memorialize the soldiers of many generations who have given their lives so that we are free to enjoy our picnics and trips to the amusement parks.

    These men and women must be remembered.

  • OFF AND ON: Oil, gas revenues helping avoid budget problems

    While higher fuel prices hurt consumers – and the state highway fund – they are helping the rest of state government avoid a budget squeeze this year.

    This is despite a slowdown in the state's economy and an expected dip in certain tax collections, the Associated Press reported.

    The high revenues from oil and natural gas production are serving as a financial safety net for the state.

  • Students can be part of solution

    Dear Editor,

    As I passed through the parking lot by Sullivan Field on my way to work, I was bothered by the number of youths driving to school. I realize that some must travel from the Jemez or the valley, but many others are driving from local homes directly off a school bus route.

    I find it frustrating that some of these same youths protest international conflicts, yet they propagate such violence by their own insatiable appetite for oil.

  • Pearce, Wilson and the bogeyman

    Dear Editor,

    I see that Rep. Heather Wilson is making the statement that her opponent, Rep. Steve Pearce voted to “mothball Cannon Air Force Base.” What is wrong with that? It was certainly appropriate at the time, since there was no mission in sight then and the alternative was to accept the BRAC report and close the base permanently.