Today's Opinions

  • Bias against teens exposed

    Dear Editor,

    With the following statements, Buchen has proven that there is a bias and prejudice against teens and especially those at risk: He said it is better to reward irresponsible behavior than to correct it, that $500,000 can be better spent for a few of our youth than for many other good kids who do not skateboard, that to some of our youth that “WORK” is a dirty four letter word and that the library building is for desecration and not for education.

    Buchen is labeling skaters as bad kids.

  • Impressed with Bruce Throne

    Dear Editor,

    We urge all Los Alamos County Democrats to vote in this primary election. Several important races will be decided in the primary because no Republican opponent is challenging the Democrats. On several occasions, we have met the candidates for the Public Regulatory Commission and we are very impressed with Bruce Throne.

  • Support Wilson for Senate

    Dear Editor,

    First, Heather Wilson is always very receptive to the Los Alamos County Council and staff visits to Washington, making time for us even while she is being called to the House floor for a vote. Though we are not in her district, she is always interested in, very knowledgeable about and supportive of our issues and the issues of northern New Mexico, particularly the laboratory. Second, as one of our Los Alamos businessmen stated in a recent meeting, when her name comes up, integrity is his first thought.

  • Medical Minute: The finest auxiliary anywhere

    This week, the Hospital Auxiliary of Los Alamos Medical Center celebrated its annual awards recognition and installation of new officers. While we all know that volunteers are the backbone of America, coming out in great numbers to help with such disasters as the Cerro Grande Fire or Hurricane Katrina, few probably understand the day-to-day, year-to-year dedication of an organization like LAMC’s – the finest auxiliary anywhere.

  • We must keep our swords bright

    Dear Editor,

    Well, as Sheik Ilderim said in the movie Ben Hur: “Balthasar is a good man. But until all men are like him, we must keep our swords bright and our intentions true!” This is all I could think of when I read Mr. Vixie’s impassioned advocacy of non-violence and his criticism of John McCain. And what to speak of swords? The last time I checked most of this town works for Los Alamos National Laboratory – you know, that weapons lab!    

  • A quick gopher fix

    To all you gopher lovers, especially those who attended the Fuller Lodge meeting last week, I just heard another possible remedy from a very nice woman I met in one of the county offices.

    She lives in Western Area and heard that if you chew Juicy Fruit Gum a little then put it in the gopher hole (I guess chew just enough to soften but leave flavor in), the gopher disappears.  She tried it and can’t say whether it worked but her gophers disappeared. Sounds a lot easier than traps. If it works, don’t fix it.

  • A little advice from your elders

    Dear Editor,

    People running for elected office as well as those voting in upcoming elections may want to listen to the wisdom of elders. During a recent discussion circle at Sombrillo Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the topic was, “What characteristics do you look for in an elected official?” Those participating in the discussion were senior citizens who have voted in many elections.

  • Wilson the best choice

    Dear Editor,

    We Republicans have two strong candidates seeking to replace Sen. Pete Domenici, who is retiring. I think the choice comes down to which candidate can beat Tom Udall. I believe Rep. Heather Wilson is our strongest candidate for the following reasons:

    • Heather understands and has strongly supported our laboratory although it isn’t in her district. She also is an expert in national defense and security. Her broad experience includes serving children, youth and family in Gov. Gary Johnson’s administration as a cabinet secretary.