Today's Opinions

  • Skate Park commentary wrong

    Dear Editor,

  • Council wrong on skate park

    Tuesday evening, July 29, 2008, our, OUR, elected county council again reaffirmed their previous wrong decisions about the proposed concrete skate park. For reasons unknown they voted to commence construction of the skate park in the front yard of the library in clear lack of regard of the preferences of we who elected them. Our congratulations to Nona Bowman for being aware of the wishes of the community and voting to reject the issue at hand.

  • Muni. Bldg. cost comparison

    Thursday’s Monitor article on the competing concepts for the new Municipal Building was confusing on a fundamental consideration – cost. The proposal for the current site at Ashley Pond is $20M. The proposal actually presented for the 15th and Trinity location greatly exceeds the county’s already generous specifications. The associated cost estimate for the County portion of that project is $28M. A rough scaling to the required size would yield a cost of about $25M.

  • Medical Minute: The ABCs of knee pain

    As an orthopaedic surgeon and the newest member of Los Alamos Medical Center’s medical staff, I am happy to introduce myself and my family to you, and to answer some common questions regarding your knees.

    My wife, Stephanie, my son, Grant, and I are settled in and looking forward to joining the community. I’m also looking forward to formally opening my practice Aug. 1 at LAMC. In the meantime, I hope you find this information helpful in preventing or treating knee injuries.

  • No need to raise taxes

    Dear Editor,

    I must differ with your editorial from Sunday, July 27. It is great to support the bus system; however, I do not believe that we need to pay more taxes for it.

  • Green energy carries a cost

    Dear Editor,

    Almost as if on cue, Al Gore chimed in the day after I sent my last letter with what seems to be a perfect example of unintended consequences. He wants the U.S. to replace all our electricity generating capacity with renewable “green” generation such as wind and solar in the next 10 years.

  • Our View: Skate park mess gets worse

    How many times have we stated that perception is reality? That is the problem we see with the council’s decision Tuesday night on the skate park.

    If there had been some kind of independent, impartial hearing officer or body that had rendered the exact same decision as the one the council did, we believe this issue would be over.

    But those who question the project – and the process – simply do not feel they got a fair hearing, that, it was not right to have the judgment made by those who made the judgment.

  • Tongue-tied with T. Boone

    There is this theory I have, that it is all in the name. Good looks and brains and a winning personality are just real handy, but a killer name opens the door of success.