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  • Special session turns pointless

    The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus placed the idea of change at the center of his worldview, arguing according to Plato, that “you could not step twice into the same river,” because different waters flow, while the person remains the same.

    The question resurfaces in view of the Special Legislative Session that began at noon today. But is it rather the person who changes?

  • Governor's new healthcare plan is better, but not good enough

    After failing to gain either legislative or popular support for his ambitious, universal health care plan which would have relied heavily on government mandates, Gov. Bill Richardson has introduced a scaled-back health care reform proposal that will be considered in the upcoming special session.

    The Governor’s bills which were unveiled recently would:

  • Municipal Building should be rebuilt

    Dear Editor,

    It was with great sadness that we saw the Municipal Building being torn down, but after seeing the drawings of the proposed buildings, we are in absolute shock.

    It was our understanding from the County Council that 1) the Municipal Building needed to be replaced, 2) it would be built to look as much like the old building as possible and 3) it would be built in the same location.

    After attending the information meeting Aug. 7, we saw pictures of the proposed new building for TWO different sites. Neither resembles the old building in any way.

  • County should worry more about recent power outages

    Dear Editor,

    (Aug. 3) we were treated to yet another power outage. This one lasted nearly four hours.

    After enduring endless utility work in the last few years with the promise of making our utilities “more reliable,” the outages this year have been worse than I’ve seen in the past 19 years that I’ve lived here. North Mesa and Barranca Mesa are always the last areas to have power restored.

  • Quality of Life in LA is slipping

    Quality of life in LA is slipping

    Dear Editor,

  • 500-year flood duly manages risk

    The term “500-year flood” makes the news as often as sandbag brigades work on levees. Offhand, the term seems to tell the last time and the next time for such a bad flood to hit.

    In reality, the term is a beautiful tool for describing and managing risk.

    The workaday term does its work mostly out of sight, busily dividing up flood risk among government, individuals, and the free market. The term measures and coordinates the portions of risk handled by each sector. Dividing up risk is a central reason societies organize.

  • Roundabout needs grass, etc.

    Roundabout needs grass, etc.

    Dear Editor,

    I first loved the planting in the Roundabout. I love the new beautiful bronze mountain lion statue even more. But the formal garden with flowers doesn’t go with a mountain lion. Better would be native grass and weeds (which are really wildflowers).

    Cynthia Springer

    Los Alamos

  • Monitor not much of a paper

    Monitor not much of a paper

    Dear Editor,