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  • Obama must win election

    Dear Editor,

    I’ve been reading lately that the polls show McCain is leading Obama now that the conventions are over. I have confidence this will change as the election grinds to November. I believe this because the substance of the Republican platform is duplicity and deception that will become evident. For example. Republicans claim to be the party that supports the troops, with their ex-POW, flag lapel wearing candidates, but the reality is that in policy and action the opposite is true.

  • Blaming Republicans wrong

    Dear Editor,

    I just recently read an article “Residents express concern over missing campaign signs” and the wife of County Councilor Mike Wheeler made some very strong accusations towards Republicans stating, “I thought Republicans stood for freedom and property rights, but maybe that is only for them.”

  • Lots of blame to go around

    Dear Editor,

    In a recent letter to the editor (Sept. 11) takes the Republican Party to task for a variety of financial ills, including the recent takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by federal officials. Was this wrath properly directed or should it be more bipartisan? A brief history leading to this crisis is instructive.

  • Gladly, Bushs last hurrah

    Dear Editor,

    In another amazing display of audacious opportunism, President Bush has discovered a way to pour another trillion dollars into the pockets of his corporate friends.

    In his first term Bush was able to turn the tragedy of 9/11 into a bonanza for his friends by initiating the war in Iraq. He panicked the Congress into authorizing the war, abandoning their constitutional prerogatives, and granting him unprecedented executive powers.

  • Utility rates keep going up

    Utility rates keep going up

    It’s not like we didn’t tell you so, but we did tell you so.

    In response to increased costs, PNM is asking for new rates — and this is after they just received a rate hike.

    And it is not just PNM. Los Alamos recently approved a rate hike — in both electric and water rates.

    Meanwhile, New Mexico’s largest utility company announced it has proposed new electric rates to help the state prepare for future demand and the need for cleaner energy sources.

  • 99 bottles of beer and you

    Too many people break the speed limit on the highways. The obvious solution? Raise the speed limits!

    Obesity is a growing problem (no pun intended) in our elementary and middle schools. The obvious solution? Lower the price of candy bars!

    The song, “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” used to be a joke. I mean, seriously, who would drink 99 bottles of beer? Even the best of beers lose their flavor after your 18th bottle.

    And yet, this has become the theme song for many college presidents.

  • FRIED LIGHT: No alternative is no alternative

    FRIED LIGHT: No alternative is no alternative

    Every time I buy an airplane ticket these days I steel myself for the bad news to come:

  • Similar words not the same

    EDITOR’S NOTE: I want to thank Terry for pointing out the mistake I made in my column Sunday in copying the preamble. Knowing better is not enough. Thanks Terry.

    Dear Editor,

    I suppose I cannot blame you, since Wikipedia and many other sites (not sights!) that ought to know better have it wrong also, but: the preamble says that action is being taken to “ensure domestic tranquility,” not “insure.” See the original text at the Library of Congress: memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/r?ammem/bdsdcc:@field(DOCID+@lit(bdsdccc0801))