Today's Opinions

  • There has been progress

    Dear Editor,

    I would first like to say that this letter should’ve been sent a few weeks ago as the upgrades began, but this is as good a time as any. I’d like to tell my view of the power problems here in Los Alamos. I must admit that in the last two years I’ve never experienced as many power outages in my life as I’ve experienced here.

  • Power outages here absurd

    Dear Editor,

  • What we need is a sailboat dealer

    Dear Editor,

    Has it occured to anyone that there is no sailboat dealer in Los Alamos? Why is there no sailboat dealer in Los Alamos? There is plenty of disposable income for sailboats. There are lakes nearby to float a sailboat. There are people in Los Alamos who want, or already have, a sailboat. But, there is no sailboat dealer in Los Alamos.    

  • No other way?

    The county council will meet in closed session Tuesday night to discuss plans for purchasing the Los Alamos Apartments.

    We wish there was some other way to proceed here than once again government taking charge of local land.

    We understand the concern that is felt by councilors about losing control. But at what point do we simply have everything run and owned by the county? We hope this is just a step in the process to turn this land over to private enterprise.

  • Again, our state holds the bottom

    Once again, New Mexico was at the bottom of a national list.

    This time we ranked worst in the country for the percentage of residents who are covered by health insurance through their employers, according to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute.

    The Washington, D.C.-based nonpartisan think tank found that 50.7 percent of New Mexico’s population less than 65 years old was covered by employer-sponsored health insurance in 2006-2007 and 59.1 percent of all workers were insured by their employers over the same period, the 22-page report released last week found.

  • Party affiliation does not matter

    Dear Editor,

  • I support Wismer, Milder

    Dear Editor,

    I served four years with Councilor Michael Wismer and found that he served with honor and integrity. Contrary to what Mr. Kerr would have you believe, Councilor Wismer did an outstanding job for the citizens of Los Alamos.

    While we did not always agree, his voice represented many of the community. I also witnessed the pressure that the local Republican party used on Councilor Wismer to further their goals.

  • Wismer deserves your vote

    Dear Editor,

    I support the election of Mike Wismer to the county council. Mike is as interested in the future of our county as anyone I know. While on the council, Mike took on one of our most contentious issues by chairing the committee that dealt with animal problems.