Today's Opinions

  • Some thoughts on local vote

    It is time to take a moment and look at the recent county council election and ask if there is a statement in the vote. We think there is.

    First, however, we would like to take a moment to give our congratulations to both the voters and the candidates.

    We had such a great voter turnout and that is always a good thing to see in a democracy. Secondly, those voters had a choice of some very good people and that fact should not be overlooked.

  • Should we begin the countdown?

    While Gov. Bill Richardson is not saying anything, Barack Obama’s victory suits him just fine. See, it seems very clear that he is in line to be part of that administration – the only question is when?

    Our Democratic governor refused to discuss the subject, saying: “I’m happy as governor of New Mexico, I’m planning my legislative agenda and I don’t want to comment any further.”

    But this is only skin deep, as they say. He cannot seek re-election to his favorite job and he is far too ambitious to just fade away in two years.

  • Medical Moment: Urology for the 21st century

    I am very excited about joining the medical center and the wonderful community of Los Alamos. I would like to introduce myself and give a brief overview of how modern urology uses many new techniques and technology to provide better, safer and less painful treatment for a variety of diseases.

    And I am pleased be able to offer all of them right here at Los Alamos Medical Center.

    Urology goes a long way back in time. Descriptions of operations for bladder stones were found in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Hindu writings.

  • The good and bad of Los Alamos

    Dear Editor,

    Today I got a good look at what is right and what is wrong with Los Alamos. After delaying for months, I got up this morning determined to have my prescribed blood work done.

  • What now?

    With the rejection by the general membership of the Elks Club of a proposal to purchase their land along Trinity Drive, it looks like the county’s plans to build the Municipal Building there seems to be dead.

    So now what?

    If the Elks hold to their position – and it is their land remember – then it seems that the county will be forced back to the drawing board. But just what does that mean?

    When asked, County Administrator Max Baker said that the county would have to meet with the developer to see where they will go from here.

  • Domenici: A man who will be missed

    Thursday was a bittersweet day in Los Alamos. It was the last official visit to the community by Sen. Pete Domenici.

    For 36 years he has a been a strong supporter of Los Alamos, New Mexico and our nation. He was a friend to many and a figure of strength to many more.

    Now that he is retiring after six terms in the United States Senate, we view his departure with a mix of sadness and fear.

  • Better explanations needed

    Dear Editor,

    John McCain and Sarah Palin offer one another some mutual support as well as some inconsistencies.

    McCain is reaching out to the far right of the Republican Party. His pick of Sarah Palin helps him reach some conservative Evangelical Christians who are nervous about the McCain candidacy.

    McCain has talked about continuing the Iraq war for 100 years if necessary. Palin has called the Iraq war “God’s task,” so that could mean staying in Iraq for eternity.

  • Change for what?

    Dear Editor,

    To all my friends, liberal or conservative. F.Y.I.

    George Bush has been in office for 7 years. The first six the economy was fine. A little over one year ago:

    1) Consumer confidence stood at a 21/2 year high

    2) Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon,

    3) The unemployment rate was 4.5 percent.

    4) The Dow Jones hit a record high 14,000+