Today's Opinions

  • Smoke screen from hookah pipe designed to bamboozle

    When you build a house, or any structure, first you start with the architect’s design. From that you make a blueprint, which has all the details of how it is supposed to be done, including any code related items.  Then you build it. The term “replica” and phrase “exact replica” have been thrown around a lot regarding the Municipal Building petition. Yet neither term nor phrase occur in the text of the petition itself ­— because this is not a replication.

  • Control that bad stress

    Some amount of stress is inevitable in life and positive stress can also be helpful to thrive in life. But uncontrollable stress is the major concern that may cause harm.  When you feel stressed, your body always reacts to it. As medically proven, long term stress damages your body seriously and causes various chronic ailments.

  • Ancient poop yields clues

    My favorite epoch in Earth history is the Ice Age, the time in which saber tooth tigers and giant mastodons roamed the world. The Ice Age ended 10,000 years ago when – quite abruptly – the bitter temperatures of the time gave way to our present, balmy epoch.
    Natural history museums often have the skeletal remains of Ice Age mammals. They are enough to inspire awe in part because many of the species alive during that time were much bigger than modern animals. The Ice Age was a time of giant deer and moose, with a species of beaver as large as a modern black bear.

  • Composting rarely enters one’s mind

    When you think of ways to reduce the amount of waste you generate,  you probably think about recycling, and using more reusable items, but people rarely think about composting.  
    Composting is one of the major Los Alamos County initiatives in the community-wide effort to reduce waste and create a more sustainable community.  In fact, on an annual basis composting results in the diversion of around 3,000 tons, which is more than double the average tons recycled through the curbside recycling program.  

  • Hybrid business format appeals to new owners

    Many businesses new to the game choose to organize as a limited liability company, or LLC — a hybrid of a partnership and corporation that attempts to reap the benefits of both.
    The owners in an LLC are called members and each member holds a membership interest — similar to stock or shares — in the company.
    These membership interests are sometimes broken down into units.

  • Bipartisan leadership wins

    The Republican tide that swept the nation made New Mexico about as Republican as it has been since the Great Depression.
    We’ve had several Republican governors during that period and once or twice Republicans have captured one of the other statewide offices. But this is the first time a Republican has been elected secretary of state since Jesusita Perrault held the office in 1930.

  • Resetting state government

    The election is pretty much done as I write the weekend before the final day of voting. But not knowing the identity of our new governor doesn’t matter for the immediate purpose.
    The campaign ended with neither Susana Martinez nor Diane Denish having provided detailed, substantive ideas for solutions to the state government’s revenue/spending saga.

  • Living on wrong side of screen

    There’s something wrong with my wife. Yeah, she’s definitely not normal. I saw her loading the clothes washer and she wasn’t singing. She wasn’t dancing.  She wasn’t even smiling.  In fact, she seemed downright bored.  For some reason, doing the laundry didn’t fulfill a cosmic sense of purpose for her.  Come to think of it, there was no lively background music either.
    We must be using the wrong brand of detergent.