Today's Opinions

  • Geopolitics rears up in rare earths

    The world journeys into the Green Age and renews  old themes. Chapters of political history grow thick with the value that  accrues from whatever.
    So it was and ever shall  be, for better and worse. Biblical enterprises valued gold, frankincense and  myrrh. Explorers in the Age of Discovery sought gold and silver fit for royal  heads and sought trade routes to faraway lands of spices and silk.  

  • Farewell my fine old tent

    It was a fine tent – blue and gold, a Sierra Designs, two person, state-of-the-art backpacker’s dream. I bought it for motorcycle camping, and it logged thousands of miles and many nights of stars or rain, days of thunder by Harley or God. I retired it a few years ago in favor of a newer, less bulky and more expensive model, which, removed from my bike last summer in San Francisco, probably now graces some homeless camp in California.

  • Council ducks its duty

    Regarding the petition election on the siting and structure of the new Municipal Building. I am deeply disappointed by the county council’s failure to act on Tuesday Oct. 26 to provide information to the voters on the issue of the petition regarding the siting and structure of the new  building. This is an abdication of its duty to explain to the public how it — the council — settled on the Central Avenue site.

  • Let’s talk practicality

    Some people, 1,679 to be exact, are claiming that the old Municipal Building was so sentimental to them that it stood for Los Alamos. They signed a petition that states “the original Los Alamos County Municipal Building dedicated June 24, 1967 shall be fully rebuilt and restored to its original site and design...” End of quote.

  • Council candidates say no

    I recently posed the following two questions to all seven county council candidates and made them aware that I would be making their responses public.
    •Do you plan to vote yes or no on the Hannemann mail-in initiative to build a replica of the old Municipal Building on Ashley Pond Park?
    •What is your stand on this initiative?
    Following is a synopsis of the candidate’s responses in the order that I received them:

  • Submitting to threats is poor way to run county

    I am writing in response to the article “Probe Points to Developing Trend.” I have never seen the report, which the Monitor relies upon so I cannot comment on that report, its author or purpose. But I do disagree with many of the statements contained in the article and to the extent those statements are derived from a report I contend the report is false and inaccurate.

  • LWVNM urges candidates to be tough on climate change

    On Thursday, the League of Women Voters of New Mexico (LWVNM), a nonpartisan political membership organization, presented more than 100 letters to the two gubernatorial candidates, Diane Denish and Susana Martinez, urging them to assume strong leadership to address the growing threat from climate change.  

  • Legislators must make hard votes

    I’m becoming disturbed by disingenuous rhetoric from Rep. Jeannette Wallace’s campaign. Wallace has been campaigning for re-election by complaining about the budget increases over the past eight years. What Wallace isn’t telling people is that she has voted for almost all those budget increases.