Today's Opinions

  • Spaceport: Economic and education engine

    As I begin my new position as the executive director of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, I anticipate an exciting time ahead for New Mexico as the commercial space industry grows by leaps and bounds.
    My vision for Spaceport America is to create the world’s premier commercial space-launch facility, providing first-class customer service and attracting visitors from around the world.
    We view Spaceport America as an engine to help stimulate New Mexico’s economy by creating new jobs and to motivate and inspire our students to achieve greatness in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

  • Successful roundabout example exists

    As an author published in the area of traffic safety and a former Transportation Board member, I would feel remiss in not pointing out numerous errors in Joel Williams Thursday “ViewPoint.”
    What has surprised me in the discussion of local roundabouts is the obvious, successful, example that already exists.  I was a Transportation Board member when the alternatives for the intersection at North Mesa and San Ildefonso were discussed.  

  • Taking melodramatic media to task

    In Japan’s recent devastating earthquake and tsunami, the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant structures remarkably survived the 9.0 quake intact, but suffered major damage when the tsunami destroyed external electrical transmission.
    It also topped the seawall and inundated the backup diesel generators that power pumps for cooling water to the cores and adjacent spent fuel storage pools.
    It is a severe loss of coolant event. The frantic reporting is reminiscent of Three Mile Island – inflated and misinterpreted.
    It is hard to separate the facts from the assertions and the media are not helping, but with each passing day more information relevant to the outcome emerges and the hand wringing of previous days lessens.

  • It really does take a village

     My Labrador Coalby and I just got certified as a FEMA Urban Disaster K9 team. We are now deployable anywhere to respond to urban disasters (i.e. what Japan is going through right now.)  
    We could not have accomplished this without the support of several community members and establishments.  
    Thank you to Ed, Michelle and Conrad (Lee) at the Black Hole, Paul Parker, Aspen School Principal Kathryn Vandenkieboom and her staff, my K9 wilderness team Mountain Canine Corps (especially Trish Mylet.)
    Also, the 2009 Los Alamos Leadership class that helped us get off on the right paw, Lette Birn, and Ridgeview Veterinary Hospital.  

  • Texting around POTUS is risking business at best

    Saturday, March 19 at 11:49 EDT, MSNBC was broadcasting live in anticipation of President Obama’s joint appearance in Brasilia with President Dilma Rousseff.
    On a split screen, a camera focused on the doors through which the two presidents would proceed to the dais.  There were staff and Secret Service agents in and out of the antechamber. There was a female agent in view, and then a male agent appeared, carrying a cell phone.  While the first agent kept watch, the other texted continuously for one and one-half minutes, occasionally looking up from his phone.

  • Use less oil and we are less vulnerable

    Our own Sen. Jeff Bingaman has been drawing accolades for his speech before the senate March 17 on gasoline and oil prices.  
    Among many who reviewed his speech, David Roberts of grist.com called his speech “a beam of light ..., which didn’t get the attention it deserved.
    Bingaman is not normally a talky guy. Nor is he given to grand political gestures. He’s cautious by temperament (to a fault, I’d argue).
    Despite his reticence, though, he is among the very few senators who actually understand energy.”

  • Casa Mesita donates to 11 nonprofits

    We would like the public to know that Casa Mesita Group Home received their usual monthly allocation from Casa Mesita Trift Shop while they were closed in 2009. That amount was 30 percent less June 2010 to January 2011.
    Since January 2011, we have been helping to support LA Cares, Family Strengths Network, Veterans Memorial Fund, RSVP Quilters, LARSO Day Out Program, Sage Cottage, LAHS Friday Lunch Program, Salvation Army, Special Olympics, Search & Rescue and LA Group Home Inc.
    Good items that do not sell in a reasonable amount of time are re-cycled to several organizations. Volunteers receive in-store credit for the hours that they work. They all pay for items above their credit earned.

  • Reviewing is not research

    It would be interesting to see what “safety statistics” the Transportation Board reviewed and who the “representatives of the community” they reviewed were, as stated by D.D. Martin in the Los Alamos Monitor.
    Reviewing is not research as implied; and I thought the community’s only true representatives were the councilors. The board’s initial 7-0 vote against roundabouts should have told them how the community at large would receive them.