Today's Opinions

  • SUNDAY High fuel prices hurt everyone

    As we reported several days ago, high fuel prices are affecting the county and the schools, as well as each and every resident.

    This is a double whammy as where does government get its money?

    Well, the affect of high fuel prices are hurting across the board. Several counties are feeling the squeeze as fuel costs continue to rise around the nation.

    With no relief in sight, temporary changes are quickly becoming policy.

    Los Alamos is cutting back trips and encouraging more carpooling.

  • Hats off to council

    Dear Editor,

    After nearly a half decade, the skate park has overcome the last hurdle and can now be built. For a town that is supposedly one of the “top 100 best communities for youth,” it is simply unfathomable that it took this long and faced such extreme resistance from a minority in our community. Our democratically elected county government finally did it’s job for us.

  • New building site a good idea

    Dear Editor,

    The residents of Los Alamos County have a lot to consider with the proposed location for a new Municipal Building plus retail and community space at 15th and Trinity streets. The buildings’ conceptual designs and location are available on-line (www.losalamosnm.us), at the public library, and at the county annex building.

  • All opinions should matter

    Dear Editor,

    Regarding the alternate site article in the Aug. 1 Monitor, I wonder if we are heading toward yet another “let’s ignore the public’s desires” project by rushing to put the Municipal Building at Trinity and 15th Streets. I recall that public sentiment was to first renovate the now demolished Municipal Building, and if not that, to rebuild in the same location.

  • Skate Park commentary wrong

    Dear Editor,

  • Council wrong on skate park

    Tuesday evening, July 29, 2008, our, OUR, elected county council again reaffirmed their previous wrong decisions about the proposed concrete skate park. For reasons unknown they voted to commence construction of the skate park in the front yard of the library in clear lack of regard of the preferences of we who elected them. Our congratulations to Nona Bowman for being aware of the wishes of the community and voting to reject the issue at hand.

  • Muni. Bldg. cost comparison

    Thursday’s Monitor article on the competing concepts for the new Municipal Building was confusing on a fundamental consideration – cost. The proposal for the current site at Ashley Pond is $20M. The proposal actually presented for the 15th and Trinity location greatly exceeds the county’s already generous specifications. The associated cost estimate for the County portion of that project is $28M. A rough scaling to the required size would yield a cost of about $25M.

  • Medical Minute: The ABCs of knee pain

    As an orthopaedic surgeon and the newest member of Los Alamos Medical Center’s medical staff, I am happy to introduce myself and my family to you, and to answer some common questions regarding your knees.

    My wife, Stephanie, my son, Grant, and I are settled in and looking forward to joining the community. I’m also looking forward to formally opening my practice Aug. 1 at LAMC. In the meantime, I hope you find this information helpful in preventing or treating knee injuries.