• The future in a seed

    Dear Editor,

    In response to the excellent editorial “The Future in the Nutshell” by Roger Snodgrass, I would like to add the following. Of all human activities, agriculture uses the most labor (about 10 percent of 6.7 billion people worldwide), uses the most land (more than 4 billion acres) and uses the most fresh water (more than 70 percent of human consumption).

  • Must deal with treasonous behavior

    Dear Editor,

    We’re in a constitutional crisis with an imbalance of power that’s been usurped by the executive branch. This administration has flagrantly committed treacherous crimes against the Constitution that fit the profile of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” All options must be on the table to correct this treasonous behavior.

    DR Goff

    Jemez Pueblo

  • Bus rides aren’t exactly free

    Dear Editor,

    Currently, the bus rides do not require fares, but they are not “free.” Somewhere, we all know that taxes, in some form, are supporting the bus system.

    My view is that those who ride should support their public transportation to a greater degree than those who do not ride, and the fare should be reasonable, not zero.

  • Wood gas: A few apologia

    Dear Editor,

    Recently, I suggested to the readers of the Monitor and to the Los Alamos scientific community that we explore the virtues of wood gas as fuel for our automobiles. Here I would like to add a short apologia for the proposition.

  • Come to Tuesday's skate hearing

    Dear Editor,

    I am writing in opposition to building a skateboard park on the grounds of the Mesa Public Library. I was the library director when we did the planning and programming for the library building. County Council selected that site for the library because it fit in so nicely with the planned historic and cultural environment of the area. I feel a skateboard park on those premises is simply not appropriate to that environment.

  • Nah shpaleechky, nah Shpaleechky

    Dear Editor,

  • The law of unintended consequences

    Dear Editor,

    In regards to Adele Zimmermann’s July 8 letter: It is sad to have someone who obviously has little grasp of either modern or medieval history lecture us on a parallel between them for clearly political reasons. First, let’s deal with modern history.

  • Hometown soldier asks for help

    Dear Editor,

    My name is Carleen Mahoney Huff. I grew up in Los Alamos, along with the person I am trying to help out below, Gerald Paul Weeks.

    Jerry was a graduate of LAHS in the year of 1980. He even was a police officer for our home town for awhile. Now, Jerry is serving as a medic over in Afghanistan and is asking for help:

    Hello from Afghanistan. I miss you all very much. I am doing well but wish I was home with you ya‘ll.

  • County offers great incentives

    Dear Editor,

    The recent editorial “Our View: Think Local” correctly advocates focusing on local companies rather than seeking companies that might relocate to Los Alamos.

  • Sierra Club – Going green: Good work for schools

    Summer is for kids outside. The reality, however, is that for most of the year, most kids are inside, and much of that time is spent inside schools. It is within these walls, taught by committed teachers, that the future is formed.

    So what does being in school have to do with the environment?