• A Fourth of July convert

    Dear Editor,

  • Passive 'no' vote doesn't cut it

    Dear Editor,

    Unlike Mr. Chandler, I don’t hold Tom Udall’s passive “no” vote on the Appropriations Committee’s pass on the bill containing LANL budget cuts in high regard. If Udall had been actively working and lobbying his fellow committee members on behalf of the lab, there might have been a different story. Both Pete Domenici and Steve Pearce know the value of being aggressive in one’s home committee when it comes to taking care of constituents. A passive “no” vote after the damage is done just doesn’t cut it.

  • Monitor should promote a clean Los Alamos

    Dear Editor,

    My name is Ashvini Vaidya. I am 10 years old. I am writing this letter to you because every day when my father goes to work, he always has to pick up at least four pieces of trash. So, I suggest that people in Los Alamos start cleaning and picking up the litter. It’s safe for the environment and for us! So, if you could put an article in the paper about pollution, the environment, recycling and trash, I truly think our county can be a lot cleaner than it is now.

    Ashvini Vaidya

    Los Alamos

  • The insurance or the hospital?

    Dear Editor,

    One does not usually pay much attention to the absurdity of the health system until the insurance stops covering the bills. Some time ago, the company I work for switched to a less-inclusive health insurance plan because the increasing costs of the original coverage. As a result, a 50-minute visit to the LAMC emergency room with a sprained ankle last month cost us more than $900.

  • Make life easier for commuters

    Dear Editor,

    The picture on page 2 in the July 2 paper shows the problem with traffic around the Diamond construction. A while back, there was discussion and a council vote on how the signal at Diamond and Arkansas should be run. The winning vote, that each direction on Diamond should have a dedicated left turn and that only one direction should go at a time, was to give people easier access to the businesses on Arkansas. The side effect of this, of course, is that traffic on Diamond is slowed down horribly.

  • Time for locked mailboxes

    Dear Editor,

    The following letter has been sent to the Los Alamos Post Master:

    The time has come to have locked mail boxes for home deliveries. Considering gas prices, it seems that groups of mailboxes would be not only more time-efficient but also more cost-efficient for the mail service.

  • Column: Fuel is used many ways in food supply

    A global issue in its infancy is the fuel demand of the food supply. The issue sprang on the public scene with the fuel demand of growing corn to make fuel.

    I have no answers but I bring useful questions. Most issues have too many answers known and too few questions asked.

    The corn-ethanol question is simply figuring the input and output. How much fuel energy is in the ethanol made versus how much is needed to make it from corn?

  • The politics of lawn signs

    Dear Editor,

    To the stealthy and courageous person who mangled the political sign in my front yard:

    You win! You clearly have a superior intellect as evidenced by your fearless nocturnal mission. Your derring-do has shown me the error of my ways. All those months of reading, research and study I put into choosing my political candidate are out the window.

    You obviously have rapier-sharp wit and keen political insight. Thank heavens you came along and set me on the path of (self) righteousness. I now see there is only one way to view things: yours.

  • Trouble right here in Atomic City

    Dear Editor,

    Run for your lives! A skate park at the library site? Oh, the hand ringing! Oh the tumult! It might destroy our very way of life and end civilization as we know it.

    What would the boys from the Ranch School that founded Los Alamos say? Would they be horrified? Sure, they played ice hockey at the Pond every winter, but a skate park at the library site? They must be rolling in their graves! Adventure, excitement, exercise near a historical area? NEVER! They prefer peace and quiet nowadays, thank you. Eventually, we all will.

  • Enough of King George W.

    Dear Editor,

    In 1215, the English barons revolted against King John, who had abused his power. He invaded France – which resulted in military disaster – and bled his subjects to pay for it. England was put under interdiction by Pope Innocent III for John’s defiance of the Church.