• Let's avoid a permanent divide

    Dear Council Members,

    Irene Powell’s skate park location letter (June 5) seems to make a great deal of sense. It addresses most of the issues raised, with better solutions than we have now, while allowing for a rapid building of the skate park. It appears to be a good compromise that will give all parties what they want.

  • Los Alamos can make own future

    Dear Editor,

    Regarding the West Jemez Road Bypass (WJB), your article quoted LANL Traffic Engineer and Transportation Board member Trask as saying, “if we are going to spend money at all, then we should do it correctly.”

    Nothing could be more accurate. How incorrect it would be to spend vast sums of resident tax dollars for an expensive and unneeded long stretch of asphalt right along the edge of Los Alamos Canyon. Los Alamos County needs to get beyond the anger of DOE constructing the “toll booths” and make our own future.

  • LANL science can do good

    Dear Editor,

    The Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) staff must shuck the idea that its future lies only in making things useful only for killing.

    LANL scientists must discover and develop ideas and things, which will perpetuate humanity’s survival on this planet. Development of a long-term energy supply is crucial. There is only one really long-term energy source: the sun. There are many other scientific discoveries to be made and are yet undreamed.

    Do good. Do Good. DO GOOD.

    Edward B. Grothus

    Los Alamos

  • Any creature can become extinct

    Dear Editor,

    Species go extinct. That is the way of evolution. But species, like the dodo bird, have been disappearing at an accelerated rate in the last few centuries. What changed? We did.

    Humankind has spread across Planet Earth like a deadly disease. Many of our religions forbid us to limit our offspring. And we seem determined to foul our own nest.

  • Let's not let park alienate us

    Dear Editor,

    We must not let this skate park issue divide our community.

    First of all, let me clarify for those of you who think that anyone against the skate park located in front of the library is against the youth of our community. That is not true and not fair. The residents of 2500 Central are not speaking against having a skate park – just not in front of the library.

  • Councilors need to act quickly

    Dear Editor,

    Since the P&Z decision to approve the site plan for the skate park located in front of Mesa Public Library has been appealed by some “affected residents,” the Los Alamos County Council must quickly put this matter to rest.

  • Is park multi-use or skate-only?

    Dear Editor,

    I have heard many arguments both in favor of and against the proposed “skate park.” Many citizens have voiced their opinions, some saying that the downtown area will be blighted by such a project, and others who have the desire to revitalize the downtown area. One major point seems to be getting lost in the furor.

  • Wilson masters the issues

    Dear Editor,

    I think Heather Wilson is the best choice to succeed Sen. Pete Domenici. Heather has demonstrated in her time in office that she is willing to master the issues and work hard to balance the interests of the country and of those who elect her.

  • Thrift shop extremely supportive

    Dear Editor,

    Thank you for the coverage of the grant money that Casa Mesita Group Home is receiving from Value Options to assist us in our efforts in re-opening the Group Home. We look forward to opening the doors again for young women in need as soon as possible. This grant will be key to that effort.

  • Bias against teens exposed

    Dear Editor,

    With the following statements, Buchen has proven that there is a bias and prejudice against teens and especially those at risk: He said it is better to reward irresponsible behavior than to correct it, that $500,000 can be better spent for a few of our youth than for many other good kids who do not skateboard, that to some of our youth that “WORK” is a dirty four letter word and that the library building is for desecration and not for education.

    Buchen is labeling skaters as bad kids.