• Los Alamos hosts a vibrant community of music groups

    Your August 26th issue of Kaleidoscope featured a nice article about the Los Alamos Piano Quartet’s upcoming Brown Bag Concert.  
    However, the headline on the Kaleidoscope cover incorrectly identified the presenter of this concert as the Los Alamos Concert Association.  
    The presenter is actually the Los Alamos Arts Council as noted correctly in the article.
     This community is fortunate to have a host of musical ensembles and presenters providing a rich assortment of local entertainment and performing opportunities.  

  • Bandelier visitor center reopening unveils new facility

    For anyone in town who hasn’t heard yet, there’s been a big project going on at Bandelier, and it just finished up.
    After the visitor center being closed for almost a year for updating, it’s open now, just waiting for our neighbors in town to come and see.  
    The new movie is beautiful, high def, in a totally new theater with a huge screen and great sound.  
    The bookstore has a comfortable new space, no longer crowded into the lobby.  

  • Letter to the Editor: Fire department’s honors should spark better pay, benefits

    After reading the recent article in the Monitor regarding the Los Alamos Fire Department receiving another accreditation,  I am embarrassed and ashamed of the Los Alamos County Council members, with the exception of Vincent Chiravalle, who at least recommended further review.  
    Remaining council members, you certainly are not representing me in your vote not to support the recommendations on the fact-finders report in consideration of fair wage compensation.  

  • The good and bad of Los Alamos

    Dear Editor,

    Today I got a good look at what is right and what is wrong with Los Alamos. After delaying for months, I got up this morning determined to have my prescribed blood work done.

  • Better explanations needed

    Dear Editor,

    John McCain and Sarah Palin offer one another some mutual support as well as some inconsistencies.

    McCain is reaching out to the far right of the Republican Party. His pick of Sarah Palin helps him reach some conservative Evangelical Christians who are nervous about the McCain candidacy.

    McCain has talked about continuing the Iraq war for 100 years if necessary. Palin has called the Iraq war “God’s task,” so that could mean staying in Iraq for eternity.

  • Change for what?

    Dear Editor,

    To all my friends, liberal or conservative. F.Y.I.

    George Bush has been in office for 7 years. The first six the economy was fine. A little over one year ago:

    1) Consumer confidence stood at a 21/2 year high

    2) Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon,

    3) The unemployment rate was 4.5 percent.

    4) The Dow Jones hit a record high 14,000+

  • Some voting tips

    Dear Editor,

    The League of Women Voters has been receiving phone calls asking questions about voting. Here are a few answers, with help from Gloria Maestas in the County Clerk’s office:

    • When sending an absentee ballot, be sure to sign the outer envelope. You are permitted to fold the ballot in thirds (like a business letter) before putting it in the mailing envelope.

    • Absentee ballots require $1 postage.

  • Vote for Tom Udall

    Dear Editor,

    Tom Udall, a courageous politician, progressive thinker, and courteous man, deserves to be the next New Mexico Senator.

    I sense that many members of this community are still reluctant to vote for Tom Udall simply because he did not oppose a particular House Bill that recommended budget cuts to the nuclear weapons laboratories. I understand that people worried about the ramifications of the proposed budget cut to the Laboratory and the potential negative impact to Los Alamos and the surrounding communities in northern New Mexico.

  • Miller deserved inclusion

    Dear Editor,

    KOB-TV Channel 4 excluded independent candidate Carol Miller from its 3rd Congressional District debate October 25, giving the fraudulent impression that only a Democrat and a Republican are seeking this office. In my view this action is an illegal limitation of the public’s right to be informed of and access all certified candidates. This is not Primary season; Miller is on the November ballot. What do FCC-licensed KOB and the two major parties have to say about this misrepresentation?

  • Few clarifications

    Dear Editor,

    In my Council Corner that appeared Tuesday night the version that I thought I sent was correct, but the word processor editor tool apparently added changes we had made prior to the final version, but didn’t erase the final deletions.