• Monitor does not want to know

    Dear Editor,

    The issue is here is not that you don’t understand it’s that you don’t want to understand. At every turn in this debate in the past six months or even longer there have been accusations of the county not following procedure and of council members spouses trying to influence P&Z Commissioners.

  • Municipal Building should be rebuilt

    Dear Editor,

    It was with great sadness that we saw the Municipal Building being torn down, but after seeing the drawings of the proposed buildings, we are in absolute shock.

    It was our understanding from the County Council that 1) the Municipal Building needed to be replaced, 2) it would be built to look as much like the old building as possible and 3) it would be built in the same location.

    After attending the information meeting Aug. 7, we saw pictures of the proposed new building for TWO different sites. Neither resembles the old building in any way.

  • County should worry more about recent power outages

    Dear Editor,

    (Aug. 3) we were treated to yet another power outage. This one lasted nearly four hours.

    After enduring endless utility work in the last few years with the promise of making our utilities “more reliable,” the outages this year have been worse than I’ve seen in the past 19 years that I’ve lived here. North Mesa and Barranca Mesa are always the last areas to have power restored.

  • Quality of Life in LA is slipping

    Quality of life in LA is slipping

    Dear Editor,

  • Roundabout needs grass, etc.

    Roundabout needs grass, etc.

    Dear Editor,

    I first loved the planting in the Roundabout. I love the new beautiful bronze mountain lion statue even more. But the formal garden with flowers doesn’t go with a mountain lion. Better would be native grass and weeds (which are really wildflowers).

    Cynthia Springer

    Los Alamos

  • Monitor not much of a paper

    Monitor not much of a paper

    Dear Editor,

  • The future in a nutshell

    The future in a nutshell

    Dear Editor,

  • Skate park needed now

    Skate park needed now

    Dear Editor,

    As long as Mike Wismer has decided to bring forth a petition for the skate park to be put on the ballot, I thought it would be in the best interest of all concerned that I have been running an online petition after the Monitor survey was hacked. I am attaching the link to the petition so that if you click on the signatures section you will be able to verify that the signatures are correct and were not coerced in anyway nor were fear tactics used to get these signatures.

  • Council should listen to people

    Dear Editor,

    The council meeting last Tuesday night was a good example of non-democratic action. The members stated that they had not read letters or e-mails or answered phone calls in order not to be influenced. I had always assumed that in a democracy the people should have a voice and that it was the job of elected officials to listen.

  • Hats off to council

    Dear Editor,

    After nearly a half decade, the skate park has overcome the last hurdle and can now be built. For a town that is supposedly one of the “top 100 best communities for youth,” it is simply unfathomable that it took this long and faced such extreme resistance from a minority in our community. Our democratically elected county government finally did it’s job for us.