• Be aware of work at Aspen School

    We would like to update the community on the progress of the Aspen Elementary School project.

  • Smith’s helps hungry kids, families

    Recently, The Food Depot had the pleasure of participating in the grand opening of Smith’s Marketplace. During the transition from their former location, Smith’s donated fresh produce and other food to The Food Depot, Northern New Mexico’s food bank.

  • Visting Nurses appreciate the support

    As President of the Board of Directors of Los Alamos Visiting Nurse Service, I would like to thank the Los Alamos community for its continued support.

    As noted in our recent advertisement in The Los Alamos Monitor, LAVNS is experiencing great changes!
     Our Executive Director of 43 years, Sarah Rochester, has stepped down and is now devoting her energies to the building of The Sanctuary at Canyon’s Edge, the first stand-alone hospice house in New Mexico located north of Albuquerque.
    Sarah Rochester has shown amazing dedication, leadership, and vision in founding and growing LAVNS as the only non-profit home care and hospice organization in Los Alamos.
    I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah for several years and LAVNS is grateful for her continued work as the Consultant to the Hospice House.
    We look forward to celebrating Sarah’s work and the groundbreaking for The Sanctuary at Canyon’s Edge in the near future.
    Thank you to Los Alamos for your continued support of LAVNS under the guidance of our new Executive Director, Georgina Williams, and our new Clinical Director, Debbie Storms.
    We are fully staffed with a close-knit team of dedicated professionals and offer the same great services you have grown to expect.
    For more information on our team, contact LAVNS at 662-2525.

  • Better shopping through math

    Your new store is very imposing, but there is a problem for many of us who have limited time or energy. This concerns the vast distances that must be covered to complete even a modest shopping list.

  • Smith's crew does outstanding job

    Initially I was vehemently against this new “big box store,” its location, and what it was going to do to “my” businesses.

  • Support Sage Cottage nonprofit preschool

    I appreciate the stories you have been publishing regarding poverty and hunger in Los Alamos.
    I am on the board of directors for Sage Cottage Montessori Preschool, currently the only preschool in Los Alamos that accepts state-aid children. About six years ago, Cheri Host, the former owner and executive director (now deceased), decided to make Sage Cottage a nonprofit preschool so that she could provide a place for low-income children and request grants and donations to cover the cost differential.
    The aid provided by the state for childcare covers only a fraction of the costs for a full-time child, and because of various circumstances most of these children are not full-time.
    Currently, Sage Cottage has four state-aid children. Sage Cottage receives some generous support from Casa Mesita, Los Alamos National Bank, Smith’s Earn and Learn, and from designated giving through United Way. But support over the past several years has decreased, jeopardizing our ability to continue to provide this necessary service to our community.
    Those who would like to support this cause can make a tax-deductible donation by check to Sage Cottage, 142 Meadow Lane, Los Alamos, NM.
    If you would like more information about Sage Cottage, call Director Sandra Sorensen at 672-0534.

  • The quicker picker-uppers

    We have just experienced one of the many benefits of living in Los Alamos. Our loss of a large piñon tree resulted in a very sizable pile of limbs and debris.
    The bulk pick-up truck arrived on schedule and the operator efficiently and quickly loaded everything and left the area clean and presentable. Our thanks to this employee and to the county for this great service!
    Joseph and Lois Thompson
    Los Alamos

  • Great performance from Missoula

    On behalf of the Los Alamos Arts Council, I would like to thank the cast members of Missoula Children’s Theatre’s production of “Blackbeard the Pirate” for their wonderful performance.
    The Arts Council would like to thank the County of Los Alamos for co-sponsoring this event, which was also partially funded by a grant from the New Mexico Children’s Foundation.
    We would also like to thank all the parents and friends of the cast who attended the play on Saturday, as well as the staff of Crossroads Bible Church. They were wonderful to work with and made the week a complete success.  Thanks also to the Christian Church for graciously hosting our Tuesday rehearsals.
    Additionally, many thanks go the Los Alamos Arts Council board members who volunteered their time to help make this year’s production a wonderful experience for the participants and to all of LAAC supporters whose annual membership fees make programs like this possible.  
    Finally, thanks, as always to the community of Los Alamos for supporting the many programs and events presented by Los Alamos Arts Council.
    Margaret McIntyre
    MCT Chair, LAAC

  • See more 'Manhattan'

    Sunday evening, a crowd joined the Los Alamos Historical Society at the Time Out Pizzeria near the Bradbury Science Museum to watch and discuss the first episode of the “Manhattan” TV series. The series has potential.
    The show is a serious effort, the production values are good, it captures the times in national feeling and even in cars and music, it begins to tell many stories humanly, and the first episode effectively raises conflicts of the times. Initial conflicts are the tensions between civilians and the military; the deserty, rudimentary setting; the intense race to get the bomb first while so many people die per week in the war; and morality, both of creating super bombs and of defending the nation and families.
    We will see where the stories go.
    John Bartlit
    Los Alamos

  • Celebrate cowboys on Saturday

    Saturday is the fourth annual celebration of National Day of the Cowboy in New Mexico.
    Cowboys have been part of New Mexico history even before it became a state, so it seems very appropriate to honor their past and current contributions. Keeping the western way of life is an important part of our cultural heritage.
    There are 6,800 livestock producing ranches in New Mexico and with the support organizations and services they employ 18,000 people and produce about $2.1 billion in economic activity each year.
    Wear a cowboy hat on Saturday to help recognize and appreciate cowboys and cowgirls. Check out facebook.com/dayofthecowboynewmexico for details on celebrations in northern New Mexico.
    Richard Beal
    Santa Fe