• A little advice from your elders

    Dear Editor,

    People running for elected office as well as those voting in upcoming elections may want to listen to the wisdom of elders. During a recent discussion circle at Sombrillo Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the topic was, “What characteristics do you look for in an elected official?” Those participating in the discussion were senior citizens who have voted in many elections.

  • Wilson the best choice

    Dear Editor,

    We Republicans have two strong candidates seeking to replace Sen. Pete Domenici, who is retiring. I think the choice comes down to which candidate can beat Tom Udall. I believe Rep. Heather Wilson is our strongest candidate for the following reasons:

    • Heather understands and has strongly supported our laboratory although it isn’t in her district. She also is an expert in national defense and security. Her broad experience includes serving children, youth and family in Gov. Gary Johnson’s administration as a cabinet secretary.

  • Skate park problems far from over

    Dear Editor,

    After the recent P&Z meeting on the skate park, I e-mailed the council that I feared several unintended consequences of the process that was used, namely the following:

    • community division;

    • loss of faith in boards and commissions; and

    • increased cynicism about the way in which county leadership engages the community.

    I received no e-mail back.

    Now council is rightly concerned about bad behavior and division and I think they should be concerned about the other points I enumerated as well.

  • Cancellations affect few students

    Dear Editor,

    I want to respond to the small part of my quote in the May 13 article about UNM-LA: “A student had three classes canceled.” That came after I said, “In reality, very few students are affected by class cancellations, but occasionally one or two students are impacted greatly.”

    The majority of the classes we cancel have zero enrollment, so no students are affected when we cancel these classes. Another large number of classes cancel with one to three students in them and only a handful of students are affected.

  • Math could help on Diamond

    Dear Editor,

  • County cannot enforce RV code

    Dear Editor,

    I liked your recent Sunday editorial. In addition to what you suggested I would like to see an RV storage area. The code on storing RVs cannot be enforced because the county does not have any place for people to park them.

    The one on North Mesa is full. The large RV spaces have not had a vacancy in at least four years. I called the two RV storage places listed in the yellow pages for Santa Fe and they are full. I was given the phone number for another place and they are full also, so the need is there.

  • Skate approval ignored citizens

    Dear Editor,

    Kudos to the members of P & Z and our county council who voted to ignore the will of most Los Alamos citizens. Those who voted for the skate board park location and construction have shown that they too can “stay the course” and ignore all reasoning.

    They proved the following:

    • It is better to recreate than to educate.

    • It is better to reward irresponsible behavior than to correct it.

  • Students can be part of solution

    Dear Editor,

    As I passed through the parking lot by Sullivan Field on my way to work, I was bothered by the number of youths driving to school. I realize that some must travel from the Jemez or the valley, but many others are driving from local homes directly off a school bus route.

    I find it frustrating that some of these same youths protest international conflicts, yet they propagate such violence by their own insatiable appetite for oil.

  • Pearce, Wilson and the bogeyman

    Dear Editor,

    I see that Rep. Heather Wilson is making the statement that her opponent, Rep. Steve Pearce voted to “mothball Cannon Air Force Base.” What is wrong with that? It was certainly appropriate at the time, since there was no mission in sight then and the alternative was to accept the BRAC report and close the base permanently.

  • The answer for White Rock

    Dear Editor,

    I’ve read the proposed White Rock Development Plan and I have a few comments. I also read the article in the Monitor May 11 about the town hall meeting where the plan was discussed.

    I completely agree that the library needs to be on residential side of N.M. 4. It is simply unacceptable to ask young children to cross N.M. 4. I don’t care how safe the crossing is (even an overpass), young children should not have to cross N.M. 4.