• We all need to accept reality

    Dear Editor,

  • An appeal to skateboarders

    Dear Editor,

    We feel that the main thing skateboarders (SBs) want is to skate board at an approved site as soon as they can – the sooner the better. On the other side of this problem are many citizens whose main goal is to protect and preserve the library site.

    We think the SBs interest in the library site is primarily because they perceive it as being the fastest path to their goal. But, that may not be the case. The P&Z decision to use the library site is being appealed; it may be the beginning of a very long process, especially if it goes to court.

  • Granting our enemies rights

    Dear Editor,

    The Supreme Court has expanded the very definition of who is an American by granting alien combatants rights under the most sacred of U.S. founding documents, the Constitution. Our highest court in the land has fundamentally changed the very meaning of “We the People” and this could have untold negative consequences for generations to come.

  • Bringing about the end of nature

    Dear Editor,

  • We love our tree!

    Dear Editor,

    With no notice to anyone in the community, half of the huge willow tree at Pion Elementary has been chopped down, reportedly because its roots are getting into the sewer system. A local plumber has volunteered to help reroute the sewer lines if it will save the tree. The other half of the tree was scheduled to go Monday.

    Students, parents and alumni throughout the community planned a gathering to keep that from happening. Some were on site as early as 6 a.m. A petition is also being circulated throughout the Pion district to help save the rest of the tree.

  • Let's avoid a permanent divide

    Dear Council Members,

    Irene Powell’s skate park location letter (June 5) seems to make a great deal of sense. It addresses most of the issues raised, with better solutions than we have now, while allowing for a rapid building of the skate park. It appears to be a good compromise that will give all parties what they want.

  • Los Alamos can make own future

    Dear Editor,

    Regarding the West Jemez Road Bypass (WJB), your article quoted LANL Traffic Engineer and Transportation Board member Trask as saying, “if we are going to spend money at all, then we should do it correctly.”

    Nothing could be more accurate. How incorrect it would be to spend vast sums of resident tax dollars for an expensive and unneeded long stretch of asphalt right along the edge of Los Alamos Canyon. Los Alamos County needs to get beyond the anger of DOE constructing the “toll booths” and make our own future.

  • LANL science can do good

    Dear Editor,

    The Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) staff must shuck the idea that its future lies only in making things useful only for killing.

    LANL scientists must discover and develop ideas and things, which will perpetuate humanity’s survival on this planet. Development of a long-term energy supply is crucial. There is only one really long-term energy source: the sun. There are many other scientific discoveries to be made and are yet undreamed.

    Do good. Do Good. DO GOOD.

    Edward B. Grothus

    Los Alamos

  • Any creature can become extinct

    Dear Editor,

    Species go extinct. That is the way of evolution. But species, like the dodo bird, have been disappearing at an accelerated rate in the last few centuries. What changed? We did.

    Humankind has spread across Planet Earth like a deadly disease. Many of our religions forbid us to limit our offspring. And we seem determined to foul our own nest.

  • Let's not let park alienate us

    Dear Editor,

    We must not let this skate park issue divide our community.

    First of all, let me clarify for those of you who think that anyone against the skate park located in front of the library is against the youth of our community. That is not true and not fair. The residents of 2500 Central are not speaking against having a skate park – just not in front of the library.