• What do nerds know about prom?

    Let me say this about Gary King. He is your basic good human being and is serving us well as New Mexico attorney general.No surprise. He is the son of a storied and legendary governor, Bruce King. Bruce and Alice are quite a team. Solid stock there.Here’s the thing, though. One guesses Gary is a top-level nerd. Look at the record. Grew up on the family ranch in Stanley. Attended New Mexico State University. Became an organic chemist.

  • Columnist Bill? How dare he!

    There is a code among newspaper columnists. We do not engage in household maintenance that might deprive a tradesman of a fee.Can you imagine George Will on his back under the kitchen sink? Not going to happen. Reason is, Will respects his tradesman. How would Will feel if his plumber began writing a column for Newsweek?That’s why I am so blasted furious with a certain governor right now. And you know who. Mr. Richardson. Big Bill. Billy Boy. William Blaire Richardson the Third, born in Pasadena, Calif.

  • Guest Column: Think about sustainability at tax time

    With Tax Day on April 15 and Earth Day on April 22, this is a good time for New Mexicans to consider investing in solar energy systems and sustainable or green building – low-risk investments that benefit both the environment and taxpayers’ wallets.Gov. Bill Richardson has declared New Mexico the Clean Energy State. Policies put into place and legislation enacted to encourage solar energy system installation, green building and energy efficiency have taken root and are starting to bear fruit.New Mexico ranks second in the nation for solar resources.

  • Off and On: Open government important to us all

    New Mexico recently celebrated Sunshine Week, a time in which we all think about open government.Open government is important to all of us; it is not just a newspaper or media thing. The public needs to understand how important it is to lift the veil of secrecy from the workings of our government. And it’s something we should focus on year-round.There was a bill in the Legislature that would have opened conference committees to the public. The bill was introduced by Sen.

  • The significance of the beard

    Bill Richardson’s beard is much more significant than you might imagine. But, first, let me reminisce.It started like this. The late 1940s. The first television signal had been broadcast from New York two decades earlier, but the first signal this 10-year-old saw was a picture of flamboyant Gorgeous George prancing around a wrestling ring.We lived in a government project, which is noteworthy only to explain this was not a neighborhood where the latest technology would be on display.

  • When will enough be enough?

    While it is difficult to accept, it is the way a free economy works. Big oil companies report obscene profits – in the billions – yet gasoline prices keep rising.The national average price for a gallon of gas at the pump is $3.29 today, compared to $3.17 last month and $2.69 last year. Prices will top $4 per gallon this summer, according to projections.Oil prices reported a “dip” this morning to $101 per barrel. But that is little comfort. Telling us oil prices are up or down is meaningless information.

  • Fried Light: The bell tolls, don?t ask

    A young man was working his way through college in the Office of Manned Space Flight at the relatively new National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Washington, D.C.It was a great time to be there in the early 60s, during the days of the New Frontier.

  • Medical Minute: LAMC draws unique pool of talent

    This month, Los Alamos Medical Center will celebrate, with hospitals across the country, “Doctors Day.” Traditionally marked on March 30, this date is known industry-wide as a special time set aside to recognize the invaluable contribution made by physicians.We’ve all seen the TV dramas staged around hospitals – emergency rooms, operating suites and doctors’ lives. While it’s easy to get caught up in those plot lines, it is vitally important for communities to realize that their physicians are the keys to a viable healthcare system.

  • Guest Opinion: N.M. schools just not producing

    There has been a lot of negative talk recently about the struggling American economy. Most of us are all-too-aware of falling house prices, slowing economic growth and the possibility of recession.While all of us should be concerned about the short-term economic prospects for our nation’s economy, the long-term track record of the American economy is very good.

  • Punditiously speaking

    New Mexico pundits have been abuzz since our governor, Bill Richardson, threw his considerable weight behind Barack Obama.We pundits are proud of our line of work. It’s like, I’m a pundit and you’re not a pundit, so ha-ha on you. According to Webster’s, a pundit is “a learned man ee someone who gives opinions in an authoritative manner ee a guy who can’t get a real job.”Okay, I made that last part up, but it is pretty much true.