Charter Article V draws debate

On Tuesday, a group calling themselves Citizens to Preserve Sound Utilities (CPSU) made a last-ditch effort to derail sending proposed amendments to Charter Article V to the voters in November.
The Los Alamos County council approved the Charter Review Committee’s (CRC) recommendation for changes to Article V —which deals with public utilities — in December 2013. Tuesday’s agenda item was to approve the final ordinance, which reflected five years of work by two CRC committees.
Efforts to kill the ordinance caused some distress among supporters, particularly due to what former CRC member Chris Chandler called “a light bench.” Council requires four votes to pass anything.
Only Vice Chair Kristin Henderson, who served as chair, and councilors Steve Girrens and Pete Sheehey were present. Councilor Rick Reiss joined by phone for the entire meeting, and councilor Frances Berting —who was delayed by travel — called in as the Article V discussion began. Chair Geoff Rodgers and Councilor David Izraelevitz were not in attendance.
Rodgers had directed Henderson to allot CPSU 10 minutes of public comment, provided one member spoke for the entire group. Robert Gibson served as spokesperson.