Tris DeRoma/Monitor
Most valuable jammer award for the M’atom Bombs went Rachel “Latzah Ballz” Adler.
M’atom Bombs take on the Juggernaughties

The Los Alamos M’atom Bombs kept the Duke City Derby Juggernaughties in line during a hard-fought derby matchup Saturday night.
But in the end, Albuquerque’s Juggernaughties skated away with the win in two-hour bruisefest 282-130 at the Los Alamos Ice Rink.
Juggernaughty Bethany “BeeBop” Day and the other Jugernaughties’ jammers managed to bust through the M’atoms defensive line and pass the pack more times than the M’atoms did with the Juggernaughties’ defense.   
However, M’atom jammers Amanda “Super-ova” Storey, Rachel “Latzah Ballz” Adler, Marcie “Vexy” Archuleta and others really brought it on in the second half, making it an exciting game for all who came out to cheer on their hometown roller derby team.
After the game, most valuable player awards went to M’atom Bomber Anne “Ferociraptor” Berros for best blocker, and M’atom Bomber Rachel “Latzah Ballz” Adler for best jammer. For the Juggernaughties, best blocker went to Lucy “Hermione Strangler” Fox and best jammer went to Bethany “BeeBop” Day.