Tris DeRoma
Marie Marroquin does her share on United Way’s “Day of Action Day.” This year, United Way of Northern New Mexico decided to help Los Alamos homeowners needing help clearing brush from their yards.
Volunteers head into 'action' for United Way

Members and volunteers from United Way of Northern New Mexico fanned out over Los Alamos recently to carry out their “Day of Action” projects, much to the relief of certain residents who, due to being too frail or sick, really needed their help.
This year, UWNNM decided to help certain residents clean and landscape their yards.
Volunteers and UWNNM employees went to houses on Pueblo Drive and Spruce Street to help those that were disabled and/or elderly who could no longer clean their yards.
Though June 21 is the traditional date worldwide for the Day of Action, this year that was Father’s Day, so that’s why the organization decided to have it last Friday. “Day of Action” is for United Way chapters to contribute to their communities by helping complete projects other community organizations have set as a priority.
For the actual volunteers though, besides the chance of giving back to their community, there are other benefits.
“It gets us out of the office, makes us more visible to the community and gets people to see us as more than the folks that stand by our fundraiser thermometer every year,” said Marie Marroquin, who works in UWNNM’s finance and administration department.