Skip Wecksung/Monitor
Second from the right, Bonita Rogozinsky holds the check Domino’s donated to help her with the cost of rebuilding her home after a devastating fire. To her left is the store’s General Manager Celesta Lasater, and Regional Manager Vincent Alton stands to the right of her. Surrounding them are the Domino’s employees that worked hard on July 20 to prepare almost double the normal amount of pizza orders.
Domino’s donates to local fire victim

Domino’s presented a check for $1,486.21 to Bonita Rogozinsky Tuesday, whose home was almost destroyed by a fire on June 24.

The pizza franchise was touched by her plight and decided to donate 100 percent of its profits from sales on July 20 to help with the cost of rebuilding her home.

Rogozinsky held back tears as close friends arrived one-by-one to show their support during the intimate ceremony.

“We really wanted to help,” said Domino’s Regional Manager Vincent Alton as he addressed the small crowd. “We were extremely pleased with the turnout.”

The turnout translated to about double the normal amount of orders on a typical Thursday, and Alton said he was proud of all the hardworking employees who took on the challenge. Rogozinsky thanked them and gave each one a warm hug.

Rogozinsky and her beloved pets escaped without injury, but the fire destroyed about 75 percent of her home and insurance will not cover the full cost of the loss. She had recently purchased the house and had owned it for less than 24 hours.

General Manager Celesta Lasater learned about Rogozinsky’s situation after she had called to cancel a pizza she had ordered just minutes before.

Wanting to help, Lasater received permission from her superiors to organize this fundraiser.