Patrick Sullivan with his wife, Erica, and two children Aaron (age 3) and Sarah (age 6).
New LACDC executive brings local expertise

According to Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation (LACDC) President Bill Wadt, newly hired Executive Director Patrick Sullivan’s unique combination of local experience stood out among a field of top-notch candidates.
After reeling off an impressive list of past positions and accomplishments within them (including a seven-year stint with LACDC), Wadt said, “I don’t know of anyone else who has that breadth of experience, any local person.”
The board was also impressed by how staff responded to Sullivan during the interview process and by his responses to questions.
“We had some very strong candidates from around the nation, and a couple of the other finalists in particular had done major projects, and had very impressive track records,” Wadt said. “But when we posed questions similar to the ones you posed, Patrick had the best answers and they made the most sense.”
“With my work history in town…I think I have a unique perspective in being able to look at certain situations and problems from multiple perspectives of large employers in town,” Sullivan said.