The $2.2 billion contract held by Los Alamos National Security LLC will end in 2018. The National Nuclear Security Administration announced Tuesday the start of the bidding process for a new contract for Los Alamos National Laboratory.
LANL contract officially up for bid

The National Nuclear Security Administration announced its intention to start the bidding process for Los Alamos National Laboratory’s multibillion-dollar management and operations contract Tuesday.

Los Alamos National Security LLC was awarded the contract in 2006. The Department of Energy announced late in 2015 it would go out to bid for a new contract, after LANS failed to meet performance goals set by the DOE.

This will be the third contract since the laboratory was created to make the world’s first nuclear weapons.
LANS’ $2.2 billion management and operations contract will end in 2018. LANS LLC is made up of a consortium of private and public companies, including Bechtel National, INC., BWXT Government Group, Inc., the University of California and URS.

The lab has been under scrutiny recently for several incidents involving safety and violations of safety protocol.
Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Charlie McMillan released a statement to the Los Alamos Monitor Tuesday, saying lab employees must be held accountable for mistakes now and in the future.