'Skimmer' might be at work

Detectives with the Los Alamos Police Department released some alarming information in a credit card fraud scam they’re investigating.
According to the police, there is strong evidence that there has been either a malware hack done to the point-of-sale software used by local businesses, or there is a “skimmer” operating in Los Alamos County.
So far, the department does not have any suspects.
The problem came to light early this month when detectives noticed a sharp rise in the number of fraud cases it’s investigating.
The LAPD also noted that all of the complaints its received so far are credit card related. There is little evidence to suggest debit cards have been compromised. However, the LAPD is investigating one complaint that involved a debit card, but investigators said it may have happened because the debit was used as credit.
After contacting the U.S. Secret Service’s Colorado field office, LAPD was told about “FindPOS,” a malware that has been spreading across the country and infecting the point-of-sale software of provider companies since November 2014.
According to the LAPD, the Secret Service has been investigating the malware and its source. LAPD has also been working with the affected businesses as well as local banks to try and track down the source locally.