Tris DeRoma/Monitor
Lobbyist Scott Scandland speaks to the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities Jan. 12.
Lobbyist shares insight into GRT bill

Scott Scanland, a lobbyist for Los Alamos County and the Los Alamos Public Schools, explained to members of the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities Jan. 12 how state legislators may react to Senate Bill 17, a bill to keep gross receipts taxes flowing into the county from the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

State Sen. Carlos Cisneros (D-6) and State Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-43) are sponsoring the bill.

Scanland said he talked to legislators over the summer, when the state budget picture looked bleak.

“The budget situation was a little gloomy, and we were able to put forth a pretty persuasive argument that you don’t want to shoot a hole in your foot, and blow a hole in the budget and not pass the legislation,” Scanland said. “The Senate Finance Committee members really got it.”

He said that viewpoint continues to hold true, even though the state is projecting it will have more dollars to spend for the next budget.

Scanland expects the bill to make a smooth transition from the Senate Appropriations Committee into the Senate Finance Committee.