Arin McKenna
Los Alamos County Councilor Susan O’Leary wants to see the county do more to enhance its communications strategies. She cited a poll that gave the county government lower marks for how it communicates information than for many of the services it provides.
Councilor wants to enhance strategy

Citing statistics from the 2014 Citizens Survey, Los Alamos County Councilor Susan O’Leary, offered recommendations for improving the county’s communication strategies.
At Tuesday’s meeting, O’Leary pointed out that citizens’ views of county government rate lower than other measurements.
“The county received extraordinarily high marks from citizens in almost every area surveyed,” O’Leary said, quoting statistics about 9 in 10 residents rating their quality of life either good or excellent and 87 percent rating overall quality of county services good or excellent.
O’Leary contrasted that to ratings of 65 percent good or excellent for how the county communicates information, 54 percent for providing opportunities for citizen involvement in decision making, 52 percent for providing citizens the information needed to participate in county decisions, 51 percent for openness in the decision-making process and 46 percent for fairness in the decision making process.
Fifty-six percent of residents found county government trustworthy, although just 12 percent considering it untrustworthy.