Environmental Sustainability Board member James Robinson listens to testimony Thursday.
ESB backs off trash cart fine plan

The Environmental Sustainability Board tabled an ordinance Thursday that would have fined residents $50 to $200 for bringing their trash out too early, and for not keeping the roll carts in a secured, covered area when not in use. 

“I was appalled by the ordinance we got back from county legal, we had what we thought was a reasonable approach,” Chairman John Bliss said.

According to Fine and ESB Liaison Angelica Gurule, the ordinance had to meet a certain legal standard to be enforceable, and what came out of the department was not their intention.

“Ordinances cannot be suggestive,” Gurule said. “You cannot have suggestive language, it cannot be enforceable.”

The original draft ordinance contained no mention of structures where the carts are to be stored when not in use, only that they be “neatly stowed.” The second violation gave the owner the option buying a bear-proof container or paying the fine.