State sets traps near airport

Game and Fish officers were busy Wednesday laying down snares for the cougar which is believed to be responsible for no less than three separate attacks on dogs this month, two of which resulted in death.
Dan Williams of the department said officers are reasonably certain the attack have all come from the same animal, based on footprints found at the scene of the attacks and the animal’s behavior.
Cougars, according to Game and Fish, also tend to be very territorial and it’s unlikely more than one cougar is in the area, although it could possibly be a mother and her cubs.
The traps are foot snares which have been placed near the airport communities where the attacks have occurred. They have been placed behind fenced areas where humans and pets are unlikely to venture.
Williams also said the snares, which resemble nooses lying on the ground, wouldn’t be likely to catch anything other than cougars, as they’re designed with a cougar’s foot structure in mind.
“We’re cooperating with the local police and the county sheriff,” he said. “Those snares pose very little threat to humans or pets in the area.”