Los Alamos County Sheriff Marco Lucero, left, was accompanied by his attorney, A. Blair Dunn, and Sandy Lucero, Lucero’s wife, Wednesday during the special meeting to discuss the future of the Los Alamos County sheriff’s office.
Council tables sheriff’s resolution, opts for study

Los Alamos County Council, in a special meeting Wednesday, voted to table a resolution by Councilor Peter Sheehey that would have restored the duties of the Los Alamos County sheriff.

The council instead decided to approve Councilor James Chrobocinski’s plan to create a commission to further study the issue.

“I’m concerned that a resolution getting us back to basically where we were before is not going to be any sort of permanent solution,” Chrobocinski said. “No one was happy with it before, and restoring things the way they were isn’t going to solve anything.”

Chrobocinski instead said he wanted to see the sheriff’s duties written into a charter amendment, a move that would make it more difficult for future county councils to take away the powers of the sheriff.

In January, Los Alamos County voters approved a referendum to have council restore the office of the sheriff. In November 2016, the county voted to have the Los Alamos Police Department take over most of the sheriff’s office duties. The move left Sheriff Marco Lucero with no staff and only one duty, to manage the sex offender registry.