Kurt Steinhaus
School board selects Steinhaus

It didn’t take very long for the Los Alamos School Board to select its man as the next Superintendent.
Shortly after a special executive session Thursday, the Los Alamos School Board announced it had picked Kurt Steinhaus as the Los Alamos Public School’s next superintendent.
Acting Board President Matt Williams said comments from the board about the decision will be released soon. For now, he said, they have contract negotiations to attend to next.
Steinhaus thanked the board for its decision.
“The board members put a lot of time and effort into conducting a national search and I appreciate all the work they put into this. I look forward to working with them.”
He also thanked the community of Los Alamos.
“I look forward to serving the community of Los Alamos as their next superintendent, and I look forward to working with all the great people in the Los Alamos School system,” Steinhaus said.
He also said he wanted to stay in touch with Chris Marczak. As an assistant superintendent who works closely with another national laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Steinhaus thought Marczak had some good ideas as far as enriching the education of Los Alamos’ students.