Residents offer critique

The back room at Time Out Pizza was packed Sunday night for a screening of “Manhattan.”
Considering all the history buffs in the room, the discussion after the screening was relatively mild.
The Los Alamos Historical Society sponsored the event, and will continue to host viewings at Time Out for the entire 13-week season.
Historical Society Executive Director Heather McClenahan moderated the discussion, leading off with a question about what people liked.
“I think they’ve raised most of the dilemmas if you will: the rate at which soldiers were being killed, the race to get the bomb, the morality of it, ending of wars —all of that,” John Bartlit said. “Now, what happens to those remains to be seen. But I was pleased to see they laid some real dilemmas on the table.”
Gerry Strickfaden, who had consulted with Creator/Writer/Executive Producer Sam Shaw and Director/Executive Producer Thomas Schlamme, felt they succeeded well with one of their concerns: having plausible scientific equations on the blackboards. According to cast members, a retired Los Alamos scientist advised the production.
“They’re reluctant to give his name or he’s reluctant to give his name,” Strickfaden said.