Tris DeRoma
School Board President Jim Hall (right) was the keynote speaker at Gene Schmidt’s going away party Thursday at Fuller Lodge. Schmidt (center) spent six years as the superintendent of Los Alamos Public Schools. He is taking over as superintendent of the Farmington Public School system starting this week.
LAPS says goodbye to Schmidt

Friends and colleagues gathered at Fuller Lodge Tuesday to say goodbye and best wishes to Superintendent of Schools Gene Schmidt.
Schmidt is leaving Los Alamos to be a superintendent of Farmington Public Schools.
The president of the Los Alamos School Board, Jim Hall, publicly congratulated Schmidt on maintaining the Los Alamos Public School district’s rating as the best school district in Los Alamos and for shepherding a number of improvements to the district, including overseeing the construction of three schools and implementing academic and professional programs for students as well as teachers.
“All of those schools came in on budget and on time. We gained significant national recognition for the quality of our schools. “We hired a lot of good teachers, principals and staff, and we helped them all grow. For example, we established a master’s program — we have 39 teachers getting their master’s — it makes a great difference in the growth, the quality and the capability of our staff,” said Hall to the audience.
Many of Schmidt’s colleagues, including Hall, remarked how seriously Schmidt took being the public face, as well as an ambassador of Los Alamos Public Schools to the community.