LA native, author uses Trump, Clinton to teach youth life lessons

Los Alamos native Adam Bruckner’s new children’s book that depicts characters based on Donald Trump as a bully and Hillary Clinton as a liar is meant to help children understand this year’s election and promote informed voting.

The book has also changed the way some people think about the presidential candidates, he said.

Called “Bully Back,” the book follows the twists and turns of an elementary school election, where candidates “Ronald Triumph” and “Beverly Linton” are running neck-in-neck for school president. 

Throughout the book, Bruckner dissects the assumptions students have made about the two candidates and turns them into lessons about bullying and how to stop being a bully. 

“It’s personalized the candidates in a way that kids can understand,” said Bruckner, who now lives and works in Philadelphia. 

 “Bully Back” is the second book by Bruckner based on bullying. His first book was called “Better Bullying.” In that book he focused on understanding the bully.