A young student bounds toward the bus that will take her to Barranca Mesa Elementary School for the first day of school Thursday morning.
A new beginning

Students of all ages walked, biked, bussed or drove to their respective school Thursday morning for the first day back to school.

While some may have dragged their feet a bit as they approached the building, others practically skipped inside.
Regardless of the enthusiasm level, the beginning of a new school year is always full of promise: new classes, new teachers and maybe even new friends.

Another school year means another chance to excel as a student and grow as a person.

Some students look forward to diving into a challenging new course, while for others the excitement comes from diving into a swimming pool. The possibilities are endless.

The first day back is not only exciting for the students, but also for the teachers and staff. When asked what she likes about the first day of school, Mountain Elementary School Principal Jennifer Guy said, “The kids’ excitement and enthusiasm, the teachers are excited, and just the energy in the air. It’s really great.”

Guy also commented on the state of the returning kids, saying, “Some are nervous, some are excited…but I think the parents are more nervous than the kids.”