Tris DeRoma/Monitor
Kids and parents gathered outside Mountain Elementary School Thursday to catch up and talk about what they did all summer.
‘Enthusiastic’ kids get back to class

Thursday was the first day of school in Los Alamos, and as could be expected, thoughts and feelings were wide ranging.
In the Mountain Elementary School neighborhood, some former students decided to get an early start to the bus stop.
First year middle-school students Grace Xie and Nina Johnson were first to arrive. They said one thing would enjoy was being back with their friends. However, they’ve never been to the middle school before, so that would be a challenge.
“It’s so big,” Xie said, as she and Johnson headed past Mountain Elementary and up North Street to the bus.
Cody Rosson, another new middle-school student, wasn’t far behind. He said it was good to be back, but he was a little apprehensive about going to a new school.
“I’m a little nervous, because of all the classes and the stuff you have to do.” he said. “Other than that, I think it’s going to be fun,” Rosson said.
Mountain Elementary School Principal Jennifer Guy arrived at the school hours ahead of schedule, making last minute preparations to make sure all the students and teachers got off to a good start.
“It’s going to be a great year,” she said. “I’m ready.”
Guy said the school has five new teachers.